Nat Diaz announces he is moving away from MMA


On his social networks, Nate Diaz may have just officially announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts.

Stockton MotherF *****

Has Nate Diaz officially announced his retirement? This is the question we are entitled to ask following the last statements of the native of Stockton. On his social networks, he once again took against the whole game, refusing a potential revenge against Jorge Masvidal, announcing that he was going away from the octagon:

"Damn revenge, this shit was over before I started, I'm leaving, Peace the Fight Game"

Of course, Nate Diaz was careful to specify how long this break would last. If a rematch against Jorge Masvidal is still possible if the American changed his mind, retirement is also an option. His older brother Nick has never officially announced his withdrawal from mixed martial arts, yet he has not stepped into the octagon since January 2015 and his fight against Anderson Silva. With the Diaz brothers, anything is possible, and that's also why they are among the most adored fighters by the public.

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Proud BMF belt holder and likely next welterweight challenger, Jorge Masvidal spoke about the statements of his latest opponent. Respect and a promise of rematch from "Street Jesus":

"I just learned that it might be true, if it's true, it was nice to share the cage with you, and if it ever comes back to you, I'll be there." In the meantime, I'll go get the sorrel "

Masvidal vs. Diaz 2 should unfortunately wait.

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