New chairman at the Asperhofen Blue Hawks


After the team could assert itself in the preseason, the Blue Hawks play another season in the fourth highest league in Austria. In addition, there was also an exciting new formation in the organizational area. A new (old) chairman takes over.

New names in the conference

In fact, in terms of the group composition of the new season hardly a stone on the other. Of last year's opponents, only the second team of the Danube Dragons is left. When has with Matthias MOrth Incidentally, a Blue Hawks veteran has hired as Unittrainer the running backs, which of course gives the two season duels between these two teams – despite all the friendly ties with Coach MOrth – special spice.

Apart from that, fresh names in the Blue Hawks group appear on the fresh worksheet for the 2020 season. In addition to the two climbers, the Styrian Reavers from the southern Styrian Tillmitsch and the Carnuntum Legionaries from Fischamend, the Blue Hawks meet for the first time on the already several years in Division 3 playing Carinthian Eagles from Villach. It has now moved due to a thorough mixing of the Conferences now for the first time in the East.

As announced at the announcement of the new coaching staff in the summer, the medium-term goal of the Blue Hawks is to move up to the next higher division 2. In the short term, at least the playoff collection is targeted in this group.

New chairman and sports director

In addition to the change in the coaching staff of the Blue Hawks, a lot has changed in the organizational area as well. After the previous chairman, Sebastian Hiller, had put his function back for personal reasons, was internally set the course for a new division of the bandages of the club. As of now, there will be two main organizational areas, each with its own management function.

The agendas of the chairman will again, as in the first years since the founding of the club until 2018, Gabriel Karner and thus cover the administrative part of the organization. In contrast, Blue Hawks takes over primary rock Mathias Kugler the sporty leadership.

Stay next to it Rene Melchardt (Secretary), Markus Seidler (Cashier) as well Patrick Gratzl and Dominik Huber as advisory board for the purchasing and technology agendas, unchanged on the board.

In the coming weeks, the two main leaders will reorganize their team of supporters for their respective areas and define additional functions to spread the now extensive tasks across multiple shoulders. With this organizational restructuring, the Blue Hawks are strengthening their preparations for the 2020 season and are looking forward to the new Football Year!

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