Neymar and Noa Saez: the 13 brides with which the Brazilian striker came out in his life | PHOTOS France


Neymar is probably in a new relationship, after the Malaga model Noa Saez He will publish a photo next to the Brazilian soccer player in a hotel in Barcelona and – later – in a nightclub in the city next to the former teammates of ‘Ney’ in Barcelona.

The rumors begin to get bigger and as a result we present all the ‘girlfriends of the ‘Canarinha’ attacker. From Bruna Marquezine, his girlfriend for many years, to the current Spanish Noa Saez, who has been speculating on the ‘Old Continent’.

Neymar did not play the weekend with PSG and, therefore, the striker traveled to the city of Catalonia to talk, have a little drink and relax in a country he loves.

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