OM – OL: Hand (s), scramble, penalty … The 6 minute sequence that tipped the match


Posted on 10 November 2019 at 22H00 – updated on 10 November 2019 at 22H41


The match between Marseille and Lyon on Sunday has rocked a first time at the end of the first quarter of an hour, after a 6-minute sequence that led to the opening of the score Dimitri Payet penalty for the OM. Back on a series of events that brought this turning point.

12th minute. After a balanced start to the match between Marseille and Lyon, Dimitri Payet showed up on the left corner to kick a corner. His center at the far post lobbed Anthony Lopes and reached Morgan Sanson, fighting in the air with Youssouf Kone. The ball came out of this duel in a confused way and Thiago Mendes controlled it from the chest. But he touched his hand in his tracks and the referee logically gave a penalty. The VAR has also chosen not to call him for a possible hand and / or prior fault of Sanson Kone. After having slightly hooked the side of Lyon and took the ball of the head, the middle of the OM was involuntarily put on the hand. But the referee body ignored this situation.

Benedetto passed close to the correctional

Immediately, although Dario Benedetto considered taking his responsibilities, Payet went to seize the ball. The Argentine missed a penalty in Nantes (0-0), while the Reunion had scored one in Nice (1-2). Rudi Garcia then quickly passed the information to his players on the preferences of shooting Payet penalty, with Maxwel Cornet messenger to relay to Lopes. But at the moment when the former Stephanois and Nantais was going to hit, after giving instructions to the OL goalkeeper, the referee Antony Gautier stopped the game. Leo Dubois has indeed thrown to the ground, following two small slaps on the back of the head signed Benedetto at the entrance to the surface. For several minutes, the French international remained on the ground, adding a lot in passing. Antony Gautier, after consulting his video assistants, opted not to give any warnings and simply called the two players to order.

Antony Gautier at OM - OL

Antony Gautier at OM – OL

Payet waited for 6 minutes

This time, all the Velodrome thought it would be good. But the referee again delayed the penalty shot, because of a laser that blinded Lopes in his face-to-face with Payet, who was ostensibly annoyed to be kept under pressure for long minutes. The stadium announcer sent a message to stop the use of this laser, "prohibited by the LFP regulation". It was exactly six minutes, to the nearest second, between the whistle to signal Mendes' hand and Payet's shot in the left corner of Lopes. The longer it is, the better, it seems. To hear the roar of the Velodrome at the moment of this opening of the score, it accredits this thesis.

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