Opponents threaten embassies of Venezuela and Cuba in Bolivia


La Paz, Nov. 10 – The siege of the embassies of Venezuela and Cuba in this governmental city by extremist opponents of the government of President Evo Morales was denounced today by those diplomatic missions.

The Venezuelan ambassador to Bolivia, Crisbeylee Gonzalez, warned today about attacks by sectors of the opposition to that diplomatic legation.

"We are fine, but they took the embassy, ​​they want to make a massacre with us, please I need them to denounce," the diplomat said.

Sources of the Cuban legation, meanwhile, denounced that posters of offensive and provocative content were placed on the sidewalk in front of that mission.

Recently, the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia "strongly" condemned the harassment of opposition groups against the embassies of Cuba and Venezuela as part of an anti-government plan.

Sonia Brito, head of that representation of the legislative body, deplored in a statement delivered to Prensa Latina those actions 'of irregular and undemocratic groups'.

In reference to about 20 individuals who scandalize pans and pronounce slogans related to the US government against the legation of the island, Brito said that "these violent actions violate international law, the Vienna Convention and other international treaties."

The deputy recalled that the residences of diplomats and the premises of these missions enjoy inviolability, for which the Commission demanded the immediate withdrawal of these violent groups and the intervention of the Public Ministry to be sanctioned according to the law.

The Catholic Christian project Cafe Semilla Juvenil, of La Paz, also criticized 'the hatred and violence that is being planted in our homeland even by people who say they are believers'.

These supporters of the 'liberating gospel' added that the only crime of Cuba and Venezuela in relation to Bolivia has been to provide solidarity and health services to humble and needy people.

These events take place after the political crisis in the Andean country and led to the resignation of the president, Evo Morales.

Also, the Argentine political scientist Atilio Boron wrote in his Twitter account that 'the fascists threaten the embassies of Venezuela and Cuba in La Paz, their facilities and their staff. The United Nations and the OAS must stop these infamous hordes. Guterres and Almagro will be responsible for their inaction of what happens there. '

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