Opposition leaders agree to open the doors of Mexico to give political asylum to Evo Morales


The National Action (PAN) and Democratic Revolution (PRD) Parties will support the Mexican government if it determines to grant asylum to Evo Morales, former president of Bolivia, after knowing that the Bolivian president will send his resignation to the Legislative Assembly.

In exclusive interviews with Infobae Mexico, the national leaders of the government opposition parties of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador they regretted the violent incidents registered against opponents of the Evo Morales regime, as well as the difficult hours the Bolivian people lived, prior to the resignation of the president.

Angel Avila, president of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the PRD He said that by resigning from the presidency of the Andean country, Evo Morales took a drastic exit, to avoid an escalation of violence that grew because, from the beginning, the president of Bolivia did not respect the rules of the democratic game.

“If that pays for Bolivia to recover social peace and political stability, I would not see badly that the Mexican government gives asylum to the indigenous president”, He anticipated referring to the publications of Bolivian media, which affirm that Evo Morales would have requested political asylum from the Mexican government.

Marko Cortes, national leader of the PAN said that Evo Morales's resignation to the presidency of Bolivia represents the end of authoritarianism in that Nation Andean and made votes so that in Latin America democratic counterweights are restored.

“It's time for social reconciliation and work for restore democracy in Bolivia"He stressed.

The leaders of the PAN and PRD considered it convenient to hold new free and peaceful elections, with the supervision of the Organization of American States (OAS), in order to guarantee full respect for the will of the Bolivian people.

Also, partisan leaders questioned the foreign policy of the Mexican government, because both the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradoras the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, congratulated Evo Morales, before knowing the qualification of the electoral authority and the opinion of the OAS mission that went to Bolivia specifically to observe the holding of the presidential elections.

Yeidckol Polevnsky, president of the ruling party National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), posted on your platform account Twitter that the resignation of Evo Morales represents a "hard blow to democracy in Latin America and the return of violence.

"We demand respect for the life, freedom and integrity of Bolivians”, He warned.

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE), announced that in accordance with the country's political tradition, Mexico received 20 members of the Executive and Legislative Power of Bolivia at the Mexican Embassy in La Paz. And he said that, if necessary, political asylum would be offered to the former president.

It is not the first time, during the six-year term of President Lopez Obrador, that the Mexican government opens its doors to political asylees. Last October, six officials opposed to the regime of Lenin Moreno in Ecuador took refuge in the Mexico's embassy denouncing that they were persecuted politicians; The admission of the applicants provoked a series of protests in which they accused our country of "protecting criminals and coup plotters."

During the political and social conflict in Venezuela, Franco Casella, deputy opposed to the regime of Nicolas Maduro He also took refuge in the Mexican diplomatic headquarters, when the regime lifted immunity to the Venezuelan parliamentarian and accused him of supporting a failed military coup.

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