Opposition Senator Jeanine Anez announces that she will assume the Presidency of Bolivia


LA PAZ (Sputnik) – The opposition Jeanine Anez, second vice president of the Senate, announced that she will assume the Presidency of Bolivia, after the resignation of President Evo Morales and his vice president Alvaro Garcia, and the subsequent resignations of the president and the first vice president of that camera.

"I will be on Monday (November 11) in La Paz to formally assume responsibility following the order of succession, in order to call for new elections," Anez said in a statement to the private television network Unitel.

The opposition senator, who spoke from the Amazonian city of Trinidad, said she was prevented from presenting herself immediately to La Paz due to lack of air connections.
He said he hoped to officially assume the presidency of the Senate, for which he requires the votes of the majority in the hands of the Movement to Socialism of Morales (MAS), before calling a bicameral session in which he would swear to the Presidency of the State.
Senator Adriana Salvatierra and Senator Ruben Medinaceli, both of the MAS, president and first vice president of the Senate respectively, resigned in the afternoon, following Morales's decision to leave power denouncing a coup d'etat.

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