Ortega attacks Catholic businessmen and bishops


Oppressor Ortega spoke for an hour, but made no comment on the sanctions announced by the United States against three of his closest collaborators.

The dictator Daniel Ortega, lashed out at the private sector and against Catholic bishops of the country, this Friday, November 8, who he accused of "wanting to crucify" Nicaragua in the midst of the social, political and economic crisis that broke out in April 2018.

During the act of State transmitted on a mandatory basis by all local radio and television stations in the country, the oppressor criticized the businessmen because, he said, they ask for exemptions and do not pay taxes. "What are some companies breaking? Let them break!" He exclaimed.

This week the British company British American Tobacco, Nicaragua branch, dismissed 30% of its staff in the country as a result of a cigarette tax increase of up to 210% that forced price increases and a 40% reduction in its sales due to greater contraband.

During an event for the anniversary of the death of Carlos Fonseca, founder guerrilla of the Sandinista regime, Ortega pointed to a part of the business community to participate and finance "a conspiracy", referring to the protests that broke out in 2018.

"Terrorists" and "schizophrenics"

The main business groups in the country are part of the opposition Civic Alliance, a counterpart of the Sandinista government in a negotiation that Ortega unilaterally concluded last July 30.

The tyrant also called "opposition groups" opposition protesters "spontaneous pickets" against his government, and lashed out at some bishops, which he did not identify. "There are a few schizophrenics and bleached graves that are part of the conspiracy … they want to crucify Nicaragua," he said.

The tyrant, who will be 74 next Monday, made no comment on the sanctions announced this Thursday, November 7, by the United States Department of the Treasury, against three senior officials of his bad government accused of alleged corruption and violation of rights human, which brings to 14 the list of close collaborators of the president sanctioned by Washington since late 2017.

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Nicaragua suffers a serious crisis that has left 328 dead since April 2018, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), although some groups raise 651 fatalities, while the Executive recognizes 200.

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