Patrick Roy jumps a lead in a defeat of the Remparts


The Remparts and the Foreurs of Val-d'Or were fighting for an uneventful match on the ice of the Videotron Center on Sunday afternoon, until a goal denied to the locals at the end of the extra period led to the expulsion of Patrick Roy and a 3-2 shootout loss.

With three seconds left on the overtime dial, Anthony Gagnon thought he had scored on his own comeback and delivered his teammates, but the official Jonathan Trudel immediately waved his arms and chased Darien Kielb for obstruction of goaltender Jonathan Lemieux. On the sequence, Lemieux advanced to the limits of his semicircle reserved for him before Kielb collided with him.

The decision did not please the big boss of hockey operations of the Remparts who made it known by pouring his gall on the referee. The latter immediately expelled him. Felix Bibeau and Andrew Coxhead were then unable to shake the ropes by coming alone in front of the opposing goalkeeper while the Foreurs were successful.

Patrick Roy jumps a lead in a defeat of the Remparts


"I do not agree with the decision on the ice. It's my team. What I have of misery is that there is too much difference in referee judgments. We play against Chicoutimi, (Hendrix) Lapierre is in the goalie's circle and the goal is awarded. We arrive today, the goalkeeper is outside and our player passes forward, the goalkeeper pulls himself to the ground and there is a goal, "questioned the former star goalkeeper in a press briefing.

Happy with the effort of his troop, Roy regretted that the official concerned did not know the author of the offense at the time. It should be noted that a player who is chased in overtime can not participate in the shootout if he has not finished his penalty.

"(…) Do not make me believe that you saw him if you do not know anymore who (who caused the obstruction) and that it ends up being Kielb. It's an arbitrator's interpretation. I'm starting to ask myself a serious question and it seems to me that they (the officials) are comfortable in our arena, "he suggested.

Patrick Roy jumps a lead in a defeat of the Remparts


Another defeat

If the Remparts were in a better light than Friday night against the Armada – 3-1 loss – they still suffered a seventh failure in ten outings in front of their fans.

"I think we've all seen it. There was no real obstruction. The game is outside his semicircle. But it's the decision of the officials, we can not do anything about it. The effort is there and the guys wanted to win, it's flat that it ends the same, "said Gagnon, who occupies one of three veteran locker 20 years in the locker room.

Patrick Roy jumps a lead in a defeat of the Remparts



Jeremy Michel tied the game with just over five minutes remaining in the third after the locals had their best moments of the day. The Foreurs ended a series of five defeats with the win.

"It feels good. In recent times, we were in a small hollow with five defeats in a row, and come here in Quebec, knowing that it was worse for them at home, we knew they were going out loud. We came back from behind and the guys did not let go. It's a big two points, "said the driver of the winners, Pascal Rheaume.

In his first game in more than three weeks (nine games) at the Remparts, Coxhead received the first star … On Remembrance Day, the Remparts wore an army sweater in tribute to the veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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