Paul George acknowledges that everything they say about Kawhi Leonard is true


Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George gave interesting statements about what it is like to live with Kawhi Leonard as a teammate.

While PG13 did not deny all that is said of Leonard about his quiet personality, George had nothing but praise for the MVP of the NBA Finals in the previous campaign.

"Everything is as they say about him. You have to understand it. How good it is on the court, what works, how much you take care of. It does everything you would like from a player," George said.

"What is said about his person is true, but he is a great companion. In fact, he does speak and is a very funny person. But you have to know him and you will understand," he said.

George is expected to return to the starting quintet of the Clippers over the next week, where he will surely form a pair of fears with Leonard on both sides of the court.

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