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With a great Dimitri Payet and transcends by an exceptional audience, Olympique de Marseille dominated Olympique Lyonnais (2-1) this Sunday in closing the 13th day of Ligue 1. Despite a second period more difficult with the expulsion Alvaro Gonzalez, the club Phocen has earned a deserved success to climb to 2nd place.

Payet and the Marseillais

Dimitri Payet took the OM this Sunday.

The Marseillais, including a great Dimitri Payet, wanted more! Pushed by an audience of great nights, Olympique de Marseille took the best of Olympique Lyonnais (2-1) this Sunday in closing the 13th day of Ligue 1.

The Phocens made the difference in the first period thanks to a Payet, author of a double, impressive. Despite the expulsion of Alvaro Gonzalez, the Marseillais were united and climb to the 2nd rank of the ranking after this beautiful victory.

The Payet!

In an exceptional atmosphere at the Stade Vlodrome, full of excitement with a record crowd, the Lyonnais were two fingers to cool the Marseille fans with a first duel won by Mandanda before Cornet! On a harmless corner, Mendes made a big mistake by conceding a penalty for a hand in the box. Despite a long wait after a warm-up between Benedetto and Dubois, Payet was not dstabilis and blew the Vlodrome a shot on the right (1-0, 18).

With a big intensity, the image of impressive pressing Kamara, the Marseillais prevented Lyonnais from reacting and Lopes had even to intervene on a distant shot of Payet. Small, OL found colors and monopolized even the ball, without being dangerous. In a very big night, Payet equaled and punished Lyon with a superb cross-shot doubling (2-0, 38th)! And it is the Marseillais who had the ball of a tackle at the beginning of the action! Unbelievable !

Gonzalez cracks, Dembl raises OL but …

At the end of the locker room, Garcia surprised his world by leaving Reine-Adlade, better Lyon up to now, for the benefit of Jean Lucas. To make matters worse, Aouar was forced to give up his place on injury. After an interruption of several minutes due to mangas, Dembl relaunched the game completely, taking advantage of Gonzalez's mistake to score the ball in front of his head (2-1, 60 ').

Three minutes later, the Spaniard held Dembl, who was leaving for the cage, and was logically expelled! In numeric inferiority, the Marseillais resisted and were smart to break the rhythm. Opposite, the Lyonnais were cruelly lacking inspiration on the offensive plan and could not approach the cage of Mandanda. Solidarity to the end despite a stolen Terrier who was kissing Mandanda's post, the OM players pulled out and pocketed a nice win!

The note of the match: 7.5 / 10

A nice shock of Ligue 1! In an absolutely exceptional atmosphere at the Stade Vlodrome, this match was intense from the beginning to the end, with a rather interesting pace. Even though the two teams still had dirt, the level of play was good and the match was pleasant to follow with a real suspense to the end. Opportunities, goals and a hot environment.

The goals :

– On a trivial corner, Thiago Mendes gets the ball in the box, but misses by touching his hand and conceding a penalty. Despite a long wait before shooting due to a warm-up between Benedetto and Dubois, Payet transforms his attempt with a straight shot (1-0, 18).

– Following a ball recovered by a raging tackle from Payet, OM goes against it. Although thrown by a pass from outside the foot of the Runionnais, Lopez later served the entry of the surface. After a sham before Andersen, the Marseilles crossed his shot to double the stake (2-0, 38th).

– Served on the right side, Traor fixed Amavi before making a center to the second post. However, the first on the ball, Gonzalez disappears and Dembl takes the opportunity to mark bout-end of the head (2-1, 60th).

NOTES of the players

Maxifoot awarded a rating (out of 10) for each player.

The man of the match: Dimitri Payet (8.5 / 10)

The offensive midfielder of Olympique Marseille spoke before the match, he has assumed! And in what way! This is simply the best performance of the French international for a very long time. Visibly back and determined on this match, he was inspired at the beginning of the game and showed a great mental strength by transforming perfectly his penalty despite a long wait. Afterwards, he was able to make remarkable efforts and was rewarded with this raging tackle, which initiated the action of his second goal where he scored a nice cross shot. On his celebration, he showed his private parts and it must be said that this Sunday, he has them well! At the end of the effort, he was replaced in the 76th minute by Valre Germain (not not).


Steve Mandanda (6): the goalkeeper of Olympique Marseille was still determining for his team this Sunday. At the beginning of the meeting, the French international has saved the Siensen winning his duel against Cornet. Subsequently, he was less in danger and was solid in his interventions. On goal, he was abandoned by Gonzalez.

Bouna Sarr (5): titularis at the position of the right side in the absence of Sakai, suspended, the old Messin did not realize a good start of the game, with a certain nervousness, a yellow quickly received and a forgetfulness defensive on the big opportunity of Cornet. But little kid, the Marseillais showed a better face and was more aggressive, but in a good way, on his duels. His tackle in the area in front of Cornet just before the break was precious.

Duje Caleta-Car (5.5): still in central defense thanks to Kamara's repositioning in the midfield, the central defender of Olympique de Marseille was the height of this poster. Reassured by the presence of Gonzalez his side, the Croatian was serious in his interventions, especially face Dembl with including his tackle to participate in the action of the second goal of Payet. Bmol, we did not understand his move on the action o Gonzalez was expelled trying to fill the empty space …

lvaro Gonzlez (3): a performance in two stages. In the first period, the central defender prepared by Villarreal was exemplary in his commitment and was decisive in his interventions. Ms. in his positioning, he relieved his team a lot with several passes cuts. But after the break, he was much less sovereign. Author of a nasty gesture on Aouar, he was especially guilty on the goal of Dembl by letting the ball pass. And in the crowd, he was expelled with a foul on Dembl, who went to the goal. Unbelievable…

Jordan Amavi (5.5): back a good level in recent weeks, the left side of Olympique Marseille made a copiecorrecte this Sunday. Plenty of snow in his mountains, the old Niois was sometimes in difficulty on the defensive plane, especially on dribbles Queen-Adlade. Face Traor, he was rather domineering despite a little laxity on the center of Burkinab at the time of the goal of Dembl.

Morgan Sanson (7.5): the image of his team, the Olympique de Marseille midfielder has been generous in his efforts. With a significant amount of play, he helped his club back the ball with sharp races. Despite some waste in its transmissions, it had a positive impact for Phocens. In the second period, his defensive efforts were impressive. A great performance.

Boubacar Kamara (8): but what a player in the midfield! As face Lille, the usual central defender was preferred Strootman in a role of sentinel for this shock. And he was just excellent! With a standard pressing and breathtaking activity, he put a standard on intensifying recovery and took the advantage over his direct opponents. Just in his raises, impressive recovery and also good in its withdrawal the image of a tackle on a shot from Traor, the Phocen was impressive, even when returning to central defense after the expulsion of Gonzalez.

Valentin Rongier (6.5): the image of Sanson, the former FC Nantes player was an impressive generosity. With constant pressure on his direct opponents, he has the Lyonnais, including Aouar face him. In the use of the ball, despite a large energy gap, he was rather lucid and well oriented the game of his own. At the end of the game, he was in trouble and lost several dangerous balloons.

Dimitri Payet (8.5): read the comment above.

Daro Benedetto (5): the center-forward of Olympique Marseille did not have a clear match. With problems in his crampons, the Argentine has slipped a lot and was not dangerous in the area of ​​truth. On the other hand, as his habit, he was exemplary in his efforts and was just in his combinations. Be careful however his slap on Dubois, because even if the Lyonnais has added, such a gesture can earn him a box … Replacing the 65th minute by Kevin Strootman (not not).

Maxime Lopez (7): favorite Germain in a role of winger on the right side, the young talent of the Olympique de Marseille justified the confidence of his trainer Andr Villas-Boas. Very much on the defensive plan to help his team, he was also interesting in his projections to pose Kon concerns. On the second goal of Payet, he was also the decisive passer. A winning choice. Replace the 87th minute by Saf-Eddine Khaoui (not not).


Anthony Lopes (5): well present despite a warm-up alert, the goalkeeper of Olympique Lyonnais did not deserve this Sunday. On the penalty of Payet, the Portuguese left the right side, but the shot of the Marseillais was too good place. Well on a long shot from the French international, he could not do anything on the second goal because of a strike too cross compared to its positioning. Annoying …

Lo Dubois (3.5): At the start of the game, Olympique Lyonnais's right-wing right-hand side was especially marked by their presence on the ground, for very long minutes, on a slap shot by Benedetto … On the match , the former Nantais was in difficulty on the defensive and was really embarrassed by the freedom of Payet in its positioning.

Jason Denayer (5.5): the central defender of Olympique Lyonnais was pretty good overall. On goals conceded, the Belgian has nothing wrong and won the majority of his duels, especially against Benedetto. Be careful though some imprecise raises that have hurt his team.

Joachim Andersen (4): a disappointing copy for the Danish international. Despite his aggressiveness in the duels, the central defender of Olympique Lyonnais posted big gaps, especially in races with an action where he was totally dropped by Sanson. On the second goal of Payet, he was far too wait-and-see as a limin by the little pretense of the Marseillais.

Youssouf Kon (4,5): the left side has had a big activity in his hallway. On the defensive level, the Lyonnais scratched many balloons but still left Lopez spaces in front of him. Offensively, he has a lot to say, has run a lot but also has a lot to do …

Houssem Aouar (3.5): captain the opportunity of this part, the midfielder of Olympique Lyonnais was a huge disappointment. However, he had early this match by launching Cornet on his big opportunity. But thereafter, the Gone has completely disappeared from circulation and has had a normal existence to deal with the aggression of the Marseillais. Better back in the locker room in support of Dembl, he was unfortunately forced to give up his seat for a hamstring injury. Replaces the 56th minute by Rayan Cherki (not not).

Thiago Mendes (3): after a difficult start to the season, the Brazilian returned well in recent games. But on this match, the former Lille is back in its wake. At the start of the game, he lost confidence by conceding a penalty for a largely vitally hand in his surface. In spite of his totally correct work afterwards, he was very timor construction avoiding to play forward.

Bertrand Traore (5.5): in a delicate period with the critics of the Lyon fans and a burglary suffered Tuesday, the winger of Olympique Lyonnais has been trying a lot this Sunday. Even though he had a mess, he had Amavi worries and was a decisive passer on Dembl's goal. Replaces the 72nd minute by Martin Terrier (not not), who was close to galis of a flight that has frml the pole of Mandanda.

Jeff Reine-Adelaide (6): Align in support of Dembl in the absence of Depay, injured, the former Angevin was the best player of the OL. Even in difficult times for her team, the Olympique Lyonnais midfielder was one of the few to make a difference thanks to good dribbling. To everyone's surprise, he was replaced in the 45th minute by Jean Lucas (5.5), who made a correct entry. Active recuperation, the Brazilian was on the other hand duller construction.

Maxwell Cornet (3.5): At the beginning of the game, the winger of Olympique Lyonnais was dangerous, but lost his duel against Mandanda. Subsequently, the old Messin was not necessarily inspired and seemed more and more nervous against an aggressive Sarr facing him. In the end, it was well contained and no longer had the opportunity to shine.

Moussa Dembele (6): the center-forward of Olympique Lyonnais did not have an easy match. In the first period, the young French talent has even struggled against the aggression of the Marseillais. But as a finisher, he had a mistake Gonzalez to revive his team a goal from the head. He also caused the expulsion of Gonzalez.

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MARSEILLE 2-1 LYON (half-time: 2-0) – FRANCE – League 1 / 13th day
Stadium: Orange Vlodrome – Referee: Antony Gautier

goals : D. Payet (18th, pen.) D. Payet (39th) for MARSEILLE – Mr. Dembl (59th) for LYON
warnings : B. Sarr (10th), lvaro Gonzlez (46th), V. Rongier (82nd), for MARSEILLE – evictions : lvaro Gonzlez (64th) , for MARSEILLE

MARSEILLE : S. MandandaB. Sarr, lvaro Gonzlez, D. Caleta-Car, J. AmaviV. Rongier, B. Kamara, Mr. SansonMr. Lopez (S. Khaoui, 88th), D. Benedetto (K. Strootman, 66th), D. Payet (V. Germain, 78th)

LYON : Anthony LopesL. Dubois, J. Andersen, J. Denayer, Y. KonJ. Reine-Adlade (Jean Lucas, 46th), Thiago Mendes, H. Aouar (M. Cherki, 57th)B. Traor (M. Terrier, 73rd), Mr Dembl, Mr. Cornet

The OL bus was caillass arriving at the Vlodrome

The superb tifo of the Marseille fans for the 120 years of the club

Payet's rage after the opener (1-0, 18)

Author of a doublet, Payet showed the muscles (2-0, 38th)

Dembl took advantage of Gonzalez's mistake to score a header (2-1, 60th)

In the crowd, Gonzalez was expelled for a foul on Dembl

The Marseillais have been successful with their fans

Loser return for Garcia at the Vlodrome

The beautiful joy of Phocens in the locker room

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