Payet explains his very short exchange with Garcia in the field


It must be believed that his statements have managed to transcend it. Highly critical of Rudi Garcia this week, Dimitri Payet was keen to shine in front of his former coach Sunday night at the Velodrome. He took with a 1-2 and XXL performance to guide the OM to victory against OL (2-1) in closing the 13th day of Ligue 1. After the meeting, the playmaker assumed responsibility for the to have added extra pressure by attacking Garcia.

"Pressure yes, but good pressure, I fully assume what I said and I stayed focused on my match, I knew what I had to do, I prepared this match serenely. said what I had on my heart, what was bothering me, what had been bugging me for a while, I did not want to fire or anything, I just said what I had say, "he said.

"We were trying to get the touch"

Two days before this shock, Payet had publicly settled his accounts with Garcia. "It's odd to see him in the opposite camp A few months ago, when we received Lyon, he had a talk about the Lyon players, the Lyon supporters, the Lyon president … It's weird that 'he postulates for this club three months after,' he had let go, explaining having had "headaches" with the new coach of Les Gones.

At the Velodrome, the two men furtively exchanged a few words at the end of the first half. "We were all trying to get the touch, nothing bad, I did not talk to him," assured Payet.

For his part, Garcia preferred to kick in touch when the journalists tried to question him on Payet: "I speak only of my players, Bravo to OM, they won", he reacted in conference of press, not being more talkative when commenting on his return to the Velodrome in a necessarily particular context.

"That's not important, it's not important, it's not on the ground," he replied. Fourteenth in Ligue 1, OL will try to revive after the international break against Nice, while OM will have the opportunity to consolidate its second place in the field of Tefece.

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