Payet has "liberated" with his words about Garcia and his doubled


What did you do in the last 48 hours? Dimitri Payet was very busy. On Friday, he cut Rudi Garcia, his former coach. Sunday, he ignited the Velodrome with a doubled allowing OM to finally defeat OL and his new coach, passed from bench to bench of the great rivals in just five months.

The Marseillais came out of this shock with cramps, fifteen minutes from the end. A symptom of his mental investment according to him. "I have prepared myself, maybe more than the other games," said Dimitri Payet, "I felt it with the cramps at the end of the match, I think it's more emotional than fatigue." His double, his rage, delighted the fans of the Velodrome. "I freed myself a bit, it was the goal of the 2-0," says the evening hero about his manly celebration in front of the turn north.

Payet: "I assume completely what I said"

He had also freed himself by emptying his bag on Friday. "I said what I had on my heart, which bothered me, which I had been tickling for quite some time," said Dimitri Payet after Sunday's win, "I did not want to fire. just said what I had to say. " But it put pressure on him. Because it was necessary to silence those who criticized it for being so honest.

"A pressure, yes, but good pressure, recognizes the Marseillais.I completely assume what I said.I prepared the game serenely. Calmer after the meeting than before and during, Dimitri Payet knows he will keep "a great memory" of this game. In the next few hours, these next few days, his teammates will also say thank you.

Mandanda: "He put two goals and he made the defensive efforts"

"I think it's him who gets the ball on the second goal, it's nice to see him like that, to see him tackle, defend, accelerate and score, Jordan Amavi, it's good for everyone. it hurts the opponents. " "He made a big game, he also believes Steve Mandanda, his captain, he put two goals and he made the defensive efforts, he kept the ball, he played the team.When we have a Sun like that We can only perform well, it's good for us, for him, we'll need him this season. " To get the Champions League.

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