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Two crucial dates are coming for Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal and University of Sports. The three biggest fans of the peruvian football They fight alongside to be in the great final of League 1 Movistar. Blue and white creams add up to 29 units, while Rimac's are in third place with one point less. In the absence of two matches of the Clausura Tournament, this can culminate with draws at the top.

If two or three clubs are matched in points in the ClosingHow will the champion be defined? The foundations of League 1 say the following:

“In case of equal points between two clubs at the end of the League 1 Closing, a defining match will be played at seventy-two (72) hours after the last date of said stage is played in the field where the team that culminated in the first place of the table of positions of the League1 Closing, according to the provisions of article 15 of these regulations ”, reads an item within article 9.

League 1 2019: Article 2019 of the Basis

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“If there is a tie of points in the table of positions of the League1 Closing from three or more clubs, the two best located according to article 15 of these regulations, they will play the defining match ”, is added in the same statement.

In this way it is clear that there would be an extra match if in the Clausura tournament the tie persists at the top of the standings.

How do you define the first place after a draw in the Closing Table?

To enter into these details we must go to article 15, where the criteria that will determine the first place are set out. This will be defined “in order of priority” according to the following and in that order:

to. Highest Score

b. Biggest goal difference

C. Most goals in favor

d. Fair Play: Best location in the Scoreboard for sportsmanship (all clubs) start with 500 points at each stage), to which points are deducted for the yellow and red cards shown to each player and for the expulsions of the members of the technical staff of Liga1 Opening and League 1 Closing, calculated as follows:

1. First yellow: minus one point

2. Second yellow / red: minus 3 points

3. Direct red: minus 4 points

4. Direct yellow and red: minus 5 points

5. Expulsion member of the coaching staff: minus 5 points

The best location is the club with the least amount of points deducted.

and. Draw

League 1 2019: Article 15 of the Basis to define the Clausura champion if there is a tie.

Taking into account these two articles, today Alianza Lima and Universitario de Deportes, both with 29 points, would fight for a place in the final to face Binational (Opening Champion) and that way they will fight for the national title.

If the tournament culminates this Sunday, the 'intimate' would choose the locality to play that extra game against the 'creams', the reason ?, they have better goal difference in the standings (6 to 5) and that puts it ahead of Ate's squad.

Alianza Lima: goal difference against Universitario.

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