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By Fernando Vazquez

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In the Buenos Aires town of Wilde, in the Avellaneda party, a brave second lieutenant of the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires eliminated one of the 3 outlaws who attempted to assault her with a bullet in the head.

Spokesmen of the judicial department of Lomas de Zamora revealed to cronica.com.ar that the fact occurred when the official, who walked dressed in the uniform, but that at that time was frank in service, was intercepted by 3 subjects in Jose Martin de La Serna at 5600, between General Manuel Corvalan and Cotagaita, in the said district, in the south of the provincial suburbs.

According to what was reported by the informants, the victim, who works at a police station in Lanus, resolved to resist the illicit savage, an opportunity in which he confronted the individuals and wounded one of them with an accurate weapon impact. fire in the skull region.

Moments later, the shot offender had to be urgently transferred to the Prompt Attention Unit (UPA) located in Caxaraville at 5300, at the intersection with Boulevard de los Italians, in Wilde, although the survivor, in whose power a seizure was seized. Italo Gra 32 long revolver, ceased to exist as a result of those serious injuries.

Public servants of the Wilde police station (5th of Avellaneda) perform different procedures in the humble area to establish the whereabouts of the other marginals, who are believed to have escaped unharmed.

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