Pons, the scorer who always finds a way to make Saint Martin happy


The 0-0 of the first half between San Martin and Gymnastics and Fencing of Jujuy speaks of how well one did his homework and how much it cost the other, curiously the pointer of the zone B of the First National. Without being confined in his trench, the "Wolf" complicated the picture to the "Saint" in The Citadel. But that was during the initial 45 minutes, because in the complement, with push and tino, Luciano Pons He opened the scoring and put San Martin in advantage.

During the initial period, San Martin looked down and could not, then entered to play an uncomfortable game, the long center in search of a saving header. And in that role of pivot and scorer Pons was not very happy. He could do little, except for an occasion when he could have marked and wasted it. As rare in him as the match itself.

In fact, the difference in points between the two in the table was not noticed on the court. It was stick and stick and with a strategy that left the northern “Wolf” better stopped: the point did work, while San Martin did not.

It happened that with patience and positive changes that came from the bank, the "Saint" found the light with the great header of Pons and the perfect center of Gonzalez. Not only so, "Lucho" also left him served Emiliano Amor 2-0 and, of course, Bolivar and Pellegrini exploded partying.

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