Preliminary decision in England? – Klopp: "That's crazy – 9 points ahead of ManCity" – Sport


Preliminary decision in England? – Klopp: «This is crazy – 9 points ahead of ManCity» – Sports – SRF

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After beating ManCity 3-1 in the lead, Liverpool have a 9-point advantage over the champions. This awakens memories.

Liverpool impressed. In the Premier League, the club has won 11 of 12 games and has just beaten champions Manchester City in the top fight. What impressed all the more: ManCity played strong and created opportunities – but the "Reds" triumphed anyway.

This has Liverpool increased the lead at the top of the table. "That's crazy – 9 points ahead of ManCity," said coach Jurgen Klopp. "One can not imagine that such a thing can happen."

Jurgen Klopp.

A happy man

Jurgen Klopp.

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Memories of last season

In the championship race Liverpool has set a statement. Is that even a preliminary decision after just under a third of the Premier League season? Klopp says no: "That's not important. Who wants to be on top at the beginning of November? What counts is who will be first in May. »

Also the memory of last season should have taught the Germans that. At the time, Liverpool was 7 points ahead of ManCity at the end of the year. And then gambled away the entire lead and the championship title.

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