Pulga Rodriguez opens the door of his return to Tucuman – Tucuman


The pass market has not yet opened, but some names begin to make noise in the Athletic world. The most powerful of them is that of Luis Miguel Rodriguez, popularly known as Flea. The Simoqueno striker was part of the team of Columbus of Santa Fe that he reached the final of the South American Cup, and that this Saturday he remained empty handed after losing the decisive match against Independent of the Valley of Ecuador.

With a sad voice and face for defeat, Luis Miguel faced the microphones. "My thanks to the people who made a sacrifice to come here, and on behalf of the staff apologize for not achieving that first star we all wanted. The pain is deep, it is great, but this is football," began the captain of the Sabalero

Then, he threw a gambeta of those that come out so well, and aroused fear in Santa Fe fans and the illusion of Tucuman. Are you leaving Columbus? "We are going to see now in the remainder of the year what we do and what decision we make. There is analysis that must be done, we must see how the head continues, so well, we will talk with the family to see how we continue these days," Shooting.

Cautious, ambiguous, saying nothing, he said a lot. At Atletico they wait for him with open arms, and at the Government House, apparently too. This was assured Walter Rodriguez, brother and representative of the Flea, who said that Luis Miguel could have a position in the Ministry of Sports of the province. For that, of course, you have to return to the Garden of the Republic.

An element for nothing less in all this history is its contractual situation in the club santafesino. There, the Flea still has part of his contract to fulfill, so his departure will be a topic to negotiate before thinking about any possible destination.

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