Raid on Frankfurt Ikea was professional act


NAfter the raid on a cash-in-transit truck at the Frankfurt Ikea branch, the lane may lead to an internationally operating gang that has recently noticed similar acts throughout Germany. As could be heard from investigator circles, the act that occurred on Saturday morning in the district Nieder-Eschbach, pointing to "a high degree of planning, which is known in this form only from the professional acting gang criminality".

Katharina Iskandar

In the meantime, it is clear that the car, which was completely burnt out shortly after the raid on the procession road in the district of Riedberg, was the escape car. This was announced by a police spokesman yesterday. The silver Audi A8 had previously been stolen outside of Frankfurt. Also the number plates were stolen, in another city.

Much more than just two shots fired

It is still unclear how many perpetrators were involved in the robbery. The incident took place at about 11:30 am Saturday at a side entrance of the furniture store when the employee of a cash-in-transit company had just picked up a cassette of cash. According to current findings, he was attacked when leaving the building, it came to a raffle, where the perpetrators managed to take the money. The messenger shot at him, but the shooter shot dead and hit the messenger with at least one bullet. Heavily injured, the messenger remained lying at the scene. As the forensics revealed later, were given in the firefight far more than just these two shots. Although the furniture store was well-frequented at the time, many visitors were unaware of the robbery. The operation was maintained. This was later reported by the customers themselves. In the early evening, the shops had long been back in business as usual.

The police closed the area after the deed and launched a search, in which a helicopter was used. From the culprit, however, lacked any trace.

From investigators circles was to be heard, it is assumed that there were helpers who had supported the shooter in the escape. Maybe they would have previously helped to spy on the process of picking up the cash boxes – unless they already had "inside knowledge".

Among other things, connections to deeds that are very similar in the process are checked. In March of this year, a money transporter was attacked at the Cologne / Bonn airport. In the act, a guard had been shot and seriously injured. Also in this case, the fire-retired escape car was found near the crime scene a little later. There was a Kalashnikov in the car. The money carrier belonged to the same enterprise, which had been attacked in March 2018 in Cologne Godorf at an Ikea branch. This case, in turn, resembles the Frankfurt raid in almost every detail. Not only that the car was later lit. It had also been stolen by the perpetrators, in this case in Amsterdam. The license plates had also been stolen. One of the perpetrators wore the same safety vest as the Ikea staff, so he had stayed on the premises of the furniture store without being noticed. The police had already suspected that it is an international acting gang.

Second attack on the Frankfurt Ikea house

In September 2018, a van was attacked on a supermarket parking lot in Limburg according to the same scheme. The getaway car had been stolen again and set on fire. Finally, a month ago there had been a raid on an Ikea branch in Bielefeld, but this case was a bit different. The perpetrators who wore orange-red safety vests, had penetrated into current knowledge in office space and had threatened employees there.

It was the second attack on the Frankfurt Ikea House. The first time in 2009, the perpetrators had visited the branch around 9.30am. The prey was 80,000 euros. How much money was stolen on Saturday, there are still no concrete information. According to reports, it should have been far more than just the morning revenue acted. The police continue to seek witnesses. The perpetrator is said to be about a 1.80 meter tall and strong man who was dressed in a white hoodie and a black sweatpants.

Advice is received by the Criminal Investigation Department at telephone numbers 069 / 7555-1299 and -3110.

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