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UWith a view to critical voices in his own ranks, fraction leader Ralph Brinkhaus has campaigned for the unification of the coalition's top pensions. The coalition was in a very critical situation. "It's just a compromise. And both sides need to know, "he said in the ARD program" Report from Berlin "on Sunday evening. "We will also have to do convincing work. I think we also have good arguments. "With a view to the continuation of the coalition, he added:" It is a thing that will not be so trivial. "SPD politicians had the agreement to a continuation of the coalition made.

Indirectly Brinkhaus warned the SPD against getting involved in the other issues. "The governing bodies of the whole coalition – also on the part of the SPD – have shown that they are capable of acting," he said. "But one must also say one thing: So – I would not wish for more of these stress tests in this coalition." The agreement must now carry the coalition up to the regular end of the 2021 electoral term. "And now we should work through the other projects properly."

"But a bit of pressure is good too"

For the implementation of the basic pension, the data must be exchanged between the tax offices and the pension insurance. "Well, it's ambitious to implement that by 2021," said Brinkhaus. "But a bit of pressure is good too. We are not so far in the automation of financial management anyway. And that's a nice side effect, so there's a bit of speed coming in now. "

Meanwhile, the CDU Chairman of the German Democratic Republic, Mike Mohring, welcomes the compromise reached by the coalition on land rent. "It is good that the lifetime achievement of those citizens who have worked hard and full time for decades, but whose earnings are not enough for a decent pension in old age, is now recognized as having the basic pension," Mohring said Sunday night. He was also always important that the basic pension is unbureaucratic, explained the CDU politician. "On the one hand, this ensures that only the basic pension is paid, who also depends on it. On the other hand, no one has to appear as a petitioner at the office. "

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) is also satisfied with the compromise. "I am glad that we succeeded in setting this social-political milestone in the interest of the people", said Heil on Sunday in Berlin. The basic pension helps people who have worked for 35 years, raised children and looked after relatives. "It is implemented citizen-friendly and unbureaucratic"

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