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The fourth quarter of the year will not be as fruitful as you would like to Melia. The uncertainty caused by recent riots in Barcelona augur a slight fall in occupation for the last three months of the year, an issue that will pull reservations at urban hotels.

Melia was the first Spanish hotel to recognize that the riots in the streets of Barcelona after the judgment of the you process -and that they filled the news from around the world- led their customers to cancel their reservations. A situation that makes him look at the fourth quarter of the year cautiously since "the situation is not expected so positive due to a slight fall in employment, impacting especially in Catalonia."

If your expectations are met, the hotel will leave behind the good data with which urban hotels have closed the third quarter of the year, in which RevPAR (income per room) increased by 7% in the whole of Spain (until 90, 4 euros) despite the decrease of one tenth of the occupation. In Barcelona, ​​this index increased by 16.4%.

The most serious thing would be that the consequences of these altercations continue over time, as happened in 2017, after the celebration of the independence referendum. If so, the losses could be counted in hundreds of millions of euros, as happened between October 2017 and February 2018, months in which Barcelona lost 180,000 tourists and 319 million euros.

BGood prospects for the Canary Islands

The falls in Barcelona contrast with the increase they expect to register in one of the regions of Spain where tourism has fallen the most in recent months: Canary Islands. The hotel since it has good prospects for the high season in the archipelago despite the fact that international tourism, which is an important part of tourists in that destination, fell throughout the summer.

It did 7.9% in July, 5.3% in August and 8.4% in September, as can be seen from the Statistics on Tourist Movements at Borders (FRONTUR) in the respective months prepared by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). It should be noted that the fall of September has been impacted, in part, by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook on the 23rd of that month.

Even so, the company looks at the last three months of the year with optimism since, as it indicates in the presentation of results of the third quarter, “the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook has a minor impact” due, mainly, to the sale of last minute and the advance sale for the destination, which "has worked very well." That has placed at reservations for this period 4% above last year's figures.

In short, Melia hotels will close the fourth quarter of the year with a bittersweet taste. Sweet because of the good perspective that exists for the hotels of the holiday segment in the Canary Islands and sour for the impact that the cancellations of Barcelona, ​​if they continue to produce, will undermine the good results that the urban establishments of the country have accumulated throughout the year. The only thing that could save the latter is the celebration of the Climate Summit next December in Madrid.

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