Results Senate general elections in Valencian Community


The PSOE achieves seven senators in the Valencian Community – two less than 28A -, compared to the five of the PP, which wins the two parliamentarians in the upper house that the Socialists lose, after the results of the general elections. The Socialists lose a senator for Alicante and another for Castello, while maintaining the three of Valencia.

Mes Compromis and Unides Podem are no longer represented. Podemos-Compromis-EUPV concurred in the 2016 elections jointly and achieved three parliamentarians, who did not repeat the 28A by going Compromis and Podemos-EUPV separately.

The participation has been 70.88 percent compared to 73.61 of 28A; the abstention of 29.19 percent; Null 2.29% and 1.81% blank.

For Valencia, the PSOE achieves the same results as the 28A: three senators, while the PP maintains the one it obtained. The socialist representatives in the upper house will be the professor of Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy at the Institute of Human Rights of the University of Valencia, Javier de Lucas, signed as independent for 28A and has achieved 29.18% of the votes; the one that was deputy in the provincial corporation Mercedes Berenguer, with 28.45% and Pedro Rodriguez, with 27.37 %%.

The senator of the PP Fernando de Rosa, magistrate who has been president of the Audience of Valencia and vice president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), has obtained 28.33% of support and is the third elected by the province.

For Alicante, the Socialists lose a parliamentarian, who will now have the PP. The socialist candidates Jose Asensi Sabater (29.24%) and Ana Martinez Zaragoza (28.55%) will be senators while Carlos Gimenez Bertomeu (27.26%) is out, who did get representation on 28A.

In fact, in the province the most voted senators are on this occasion the 'popular': the representative of the PP, councilor and president of the 'popular' ilicitanos, Pablo Ruz (31.18 %%) and returns to the front line the historic PP leader Adela Pedrosa, second in the bid, with 29.42% and that 28A did not get representation.

The same has happened in Castello, where they will be senators by the PSOE who has been a deputy in the Congress Artemi Rallo (30.26%), Ana Belen Edo (29.83%). The historic Josep Lluis Grau (28.46%), which the 28A repeated as a parliamentarian, will not be in the upper house.

The 'popular' Salome Pradas (30.55%) has been the most voted on this occasion and will remain in the upper house, as she already did with the 28A, but this time she will be accompanied by another representative of her party in the province: Vicente Mas (29.05).

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