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Millionaires live days of few incorporations and much uncertainty, but that does not make them oblivious to the rumors of the market, which with the end of the different leagues in the world, are increasingly common.

It is clear that the blue must incorporate in the following transfer market players with a lot of hierarchy and experience and within the panorama is Roman Torres, who was crowned MLS champion this weekend with Seattle Sounders.

The Panamanian has had a fruitful career in the United States and this December ends his relationship with the US team. So far, neither the club nor the player has given light on a continuity or an exit, so the doubt is latent.

At 33, Torres was one of the important players this season and has always expressed his love for the fans of Millionaires, with whom he was champion in 2012.

Prior to the final game, Roman said that β€œright now, I would like to retire here in Seattle. I'm very happy; my family, my children are very happy here, and hopefully things can be done to stay here in Seattle, ”but a journalist from his country said his future could be in Millionaires.

Torres is one of the players who was with his team at the World Cup in Russia and is one of the most beloved in his country, so they also want to have him there soon.

The future of this experienced player would take place in the next few days, although Millionaires must first confirm the arrival of the coach who will assume the reins by 2020.

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