Romell Quioto: I don't think about returning to Honduran football


The Honduran Houston Dynamo attacker, Romell Quioto, has not had his best year, between his behavioral problems both in his club and in selection, in addition to presenting a low football performanceThey have made their MLS team, as well as the Catracho national team not take it into account during the last months of 2019. Despite this, the Honduran made it clear that he has no plans to return to his country's football.

Quioto is visiting Honduras and took the opportunity to talk about his future in the whole of Houston and in general about his football career, but there is still nothing clear, since He does not know if Dynamo will offer him a contract renewal or if he will emigrate to some other team within the USA league.

"Just waiting, Houston has a choice about me and we will wait for the next few days. I had the opportunity to hear the words of the new coach, but vLet's see what happens. There are rumors of other clubs, to see what God says "he explained.

"At the moment it does not go through my mind to return to Honduran football, They are things of God and we have to wait. I am prepared for any city that I have to go, we will see what will happen, "he said.

Romell will try to train with Olympia

"Touch to start training again and get the most out of the physical part, I will try to ask permission with Olympia and be able to train. Staying in Houston is a very complicated, personal issue and I will address the issue at the time. It has been quite difficult and one wants to be in a place where one is happy and calm. "

"Maybe what I need is to breathe other airs and let's see what happens.n the Houston and in the national team it was a very complicated year. I want to start from scratch, one as a player must know how to lead his life and there are things in which one fails like anyone, everything must be changed, "he said.

He will talk to Coito

Romell has not been taken into account by the team since the Gold Cup, because his attitude annoyed Fabian Coito and in general the fans of Honduras, so the catracho will try rough files with the coach.

"These are very hard times for one as a soccer player because every player's dream is to be in the national team, everything in life goes through something and it's time to turn the page. I still have not had the opportunity to speak with the teacher, but I think it will happen".

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