Scandal at ministerial conference: Senator Behrendt insulted Hessian Minister of Justice – Berlin


A substantive debate at the autumn conference of the Minister of Justice in Berlin was completely out of control. Berlin's Justice Minister Dirk Behrendt (Greens) insulted on Thursday at the question of whether the GDR had been an unlawful state, his counterpart Eva Kuhne-HOrmann (CDU).

Now the Berlin CDU demands an apology from Behrendt. He had "embarrassed himself and Berlin to the bone". After Tagesspiegel information Behrendt had now sought contact with his Hessian counterpart. What exactly happened at the Justice Ministers Conference (JuMiKo)?

Hamburg had filed a motion "to make the Basic Law crisis-proof". The Justice Senator of the Hanseatic city, Till Steffen (Greens), raised the question of whether better backups would not be needed, for example to protect the Federal Constitutional Court from the attacks by new political majorities.

Half of the 16 constitutional judges are elected by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat for a term of twelve years.

Behrendt: With the rule of law, it was "not far off in Hesse"

The Green politician Steffen referred to countries such as Poland or Hungary, both of which had oriented themselves with their constitutional order on the Basic Law, but with a stroke of the pen an independent judiciary and a free press off. The Hamburg application was rejected by the EU-led countries. Kuehne-HOrmann, as the coordinator of the Union countries, said that the Basic Law guarantees a constitutional state that is well-armed. She could see no need for action.

On Thursday, during the meeting, the Minister of Justice presented the motion "30 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall – the Basic Law as Guarantee for our Liberal Democracy" as a table template. "It is the joint responsibility of the state institutions and all citizens to preserve the established constitutional order of the Basic Law against hostility, to strengthen and daily with new life", it says.

The last sentence reads: "The unjust state of the GDR had nothing to oppose to the yearning for freedom and democratic participation in autumn 1989." Brandenburg was the only federal state to vote against the declaration. Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin abstained.

During the debate Behrendt Kuhne-HOrmann verbally attacked sharply. With the rule of law, it was probably "not far off in Hesse", after all, there was the Kassel President of the district Walter Lubcke murdered by a neo-Nazi. In addition, police officers in Hesse are involved in right-wing networks. That Behrendt reasonably so argued, confirmed the press secretary of the judiciary, Sebastian Brux. Earlier, "Bild" reported about it. ,

Decades of friendship with Walter Lubcke

What Behrendt did not know at the time: Kuhne-HOrmann combined a decades-long friendship with Walter Lubcke. "Mr Behrendt knows that he has hurt the Minister of Justice in this debate. That's why he sought contact with her on Thursday evening, "Brux told the Tagesspiegel. Whether he talked to her, or if he apologized, Brux did not want to answer. That is not a matter for the public.

The Berlin CDU claims that Behrendt has compared Hesse with the SED injustice state and denied his agreement to the fall of the Berlin Wall. With that he had "embarrassed himself and Berlin to the bone". She demands clarification and apology from him. Brux denies this presentation: Behrendt did not "compare Hesse" with a GDR state of injustice. He has named only the right structures in Hesse as a problem ".

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