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Cienciano champion of the League 2, thus earning his direct pass to Primera. The Cusco team is one of four teams that next year will play in the League 1, the second club will be the winner of the Peru CupBut how do you define the other two that will go up to Decentralized 2020?

The first thing to consider is the Table of positions of the League 2. According to the Regulation of this, the teams that are located from the 2nd place to the 7th will play a igu league ’that will determine the two classified to the final home run, along with the second and third place of the Peru Cup.

How do you define the two classifieds from League 2 to the final home run?

The clubs that occupied from position 4 to 7 will play PHASE 1 of the igu liguilla ’, where they will be matched in two keys to play round-trip matches. Key A will play 4th and 7th place, while Key B will occupy 5th and 6th place.

The winners of Keys A and B will move on to PHASE 2 of the igu league. Here, the winning team of Key A will face second place in the League 2; while the classified of the Key B will be measured before third place in League 2. The two champions of this mini-tournament will play the final home run.

How do you define the last two places to ascend to the 1 2020 League?

The two winners of the igu liguilla ’will play with the second and third place of the Peru Cup in a final home run that will determine the two classified at League 1. For this stage, the four clubs will collide all against all and the classified by score will be defined.

In accordance with the Regulations of the League 2, “The Table of Positions determines the location of each Club, during and at the end of the development of the Liga2 Ascent Foursquare and Peru Cup. It is established taking into account the greater number of points obtained in all the matches, greater difference of goals and more ". In this way, it will be seen which clubs will occupy the first and second place, since these two will ascend to the League 1.

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