Science champion: how do you define the second club that will ascend to League 1 Movistar 2020? | Peruvian soccer


Cienciano finished in first place of the League 2 and that allowed him to become the first promoted to the League 1 Movistar next year, where he will take the place of the descended Pirate FC. However, in addition to the 'Dad', six teams of this tournament have the possibility of reaching the maximum division of Peruvian football in 2020.

To define the second promoted to the League 1 Movistar 2020 of the Second Division, a kind of playoffs will be played between Saints, Atletico Grau, Athletic Alliance, Juan Aurich, United Traders and Coopsol Sports. The first matches will be the Merchants (7th) vs. Grau (4th), recent champion of the Bicentennial Cup, and Santos (5th) vs. Coopsol (6th).

The winners of those duels will play a home run with Athletic Alliance Y Juan Aurich, who classified him directly for having been in the second and third locker respectively. The one that adds more points of this small tournament will accompany Cienciano to League 1 Movistar next year.

On the one hand, teams like Juan Aurich Y Athletic Alliance they will have the possibility of returning to the First Division after spending a few years in the League 2. Meanwhile, clubs like Saints and Coopsol could have their first experience in the League 1 Movistar.

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