Second ballot in presidential election in Romania decides


The presidential election in Romania has won incumbent Klaus Johannis by a clear margin. The 60-year-old came on Sunday to 36.74 percent of the vote, said the Central Electoral Office in Bucharest on Sunday after counting 64.7 percent of the ballots. Johannis missed but the absolute majority and must compete in a run-off election in two weeks.

Social Democrat Viorica Dancila came in second place with 25.23 percent. Johannis welcomed the result as a clear vote against Dancila's party PSD: "Never before have the Romanians voted so extensively and so clearly against the PSD. For Romania, this means a huge step forward, "said Johannis on Sunday evening. For the run-off election on November 24, he called on the Romanians: "Come to the election, so you pushed aside the PSD finally."

Dancila was Prime Minister of Romania from January 2018 to a week ago, and was ousted by a vote of no confidence in parliament. She represented a by the EU and Johannis violently criticized justice policy, which favored critics suspected of corrupting politicians. Her successor was Ludovic Orban, chairman of the civil party PNL, which supports the non-party Johannis.

Johannis followers hope that the EU's criticized regression in the fight against corruption will now be lifted again. In addition, Johannis, together with the new government, pledged to combat favoritism, improve infrastructure, improve access to EU funds, and reform public services such as health and education.

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Voter turnout was 47.66 percent, below that of the last presidential election, which was 52.31 percent. Johannis could benefit from the fact that more Romanians spoke in cities than in rural areas. In Romania, urbanites choose more bourgeois-liberal. By contrast, Dancila's PSD is traditionally strong in the villages.

A record turnout was evident among Romanians living abroad. 673,073 foreign Rumanen gave her voice off. Unlike in the past, this time it was possible to vote by postal ballot, and it was also possible to vote abroad since Friday. In previous elections there had been riots in consulates, because the crowd was so large.

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