Second Division: these teams will fight a League 1 quota in the final home run Peruvian Cup [FOTO] Second division


Follow the fight. The League 2 came to an end this Sunday November 10 with the championship of Cienciano in Cusco and six more teams stayed in the standings to fight a quota to the League 1 through the final home run.

And is that the League 2 it will have a group stage and direct play offs to form a final home run and that the teams get a place in League 1 of the 2020 season. The standings ended with a Cienciano pointer with 43 points and below them, Juan Aurich Chiclayo with 42 points. Both teams qualified directly to the play offs and will wait for their rivals.

In the first key formed is: Atletico Grau de Piura (fourth place) vs. United merchants (seventh place), the winner of that match, will face the Juan Aurich Chilayo in the final home run.

In the second key is: Saints of Nazca (fifth place) vs. Coopsol sports (secto position), the winner of that match will be measured with Sullana Athletic Alliance in the final home run. Both classified teams will be measured with the Copa Peru teams to define the team that climbs into the First Division.


With Lima and University Alliance: How is the Clausura Tournament defined if there is a tie? (PHOTO)

With Cienciano champion: This is how the League 2 table was on the final date of Second Division (PHOTO)

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