SEEING: Patrick Roy pokes a legendary crisis!


Patrick Roy was sent off Sunday at the Videotron Center during the match between the Quebec Remparts and the Val d'Or Foreurs.

While the score was 2-2 in overtime, the officials denied a goal to the Red Devils, as it was held that the goalkeeper Jonathan Lemieux had been obstructed on the block.

Roy did not agree at all with the decision and said his way of thinking to the officials. It was enough for him to fart the lead in front of the referee in chief and to be shown the door of the locker room.

To see in the video above.

The match went into shootout and it was ultimately the visitors who got the better of the Remparts.

Following his expulsion, Roy then gave the fon of his thought on this end of the game.

"I certainly do not agree. The judgments of the referees change according to the meetings. What's embarrassing is that we awarded the penalty to a player who was not on the ice, Roy said. And the referees have changed their minds at least twice about the identity of the chased player. "

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