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Leonardo Rubilar I Agency One

He Union of Professional Footballers sent a letter to the ANFP asking him to protect the health and integrity of the players in the face of the possible resumption of Chilean football, in the midst of the social crisis that has been going on in our country for more than two weeks.

The reason for this call lies in the threats that the brave bars have made to the ANFP and the Government, calling for boycotting the parties that take place on November 15, 16 and 17.

“Employer sports entities are obliged to take all necessary measures to effectively protect the life and health of their workers, as indicated in article 184 of the Labor Code, so they cannot ignore the danger to which they may be exposed the players, ”said the letter signed by Gamadiel Garcia, president of the union.

Recall that there was a meeting between Sifup, Carabineros, Intendencia, Estadio Seguro, ANFP and CDF, where Chilean soccer programming was agreed for next week.

However, despite all the guarantees presented by the Government, it is totally uncertain how the date will develop, because the social outbreak is far from over.

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