South Korea U17 vs. Mexico U17 – Party Report – November 10, 2019


No selection can be compared with Mexico Under-17 in the last decade, confirmed by Marco Antonio Ruiz's team by beating South Korea 1-0 and qualifying for the fourth time.

The Korean combined put as a barrier to curb the path of Mexico in the World Cup in Brazil 2019, made the Tricolor had to recline to own field in the first half and in the complement defended up to nine elements. In the final minutes of the game, the Mexican National Team solved the Asian puzzle.

Chima Ruiz saw it from the bench. He took out Bruce El-mesmaria and instead put Monterrey striker Ali Avila. The 16-year-old boy and one month, at minute 77, topped a center to the area and scored the 1-0, the only goal of the game and the one that gave the pass to the Mexican National Team to the semifinals.

In the rearview mirror of Mexico was Spain. The Iberian team is the only one that could match the Tricolor in achievements, at the Sub 17 level, in the last decade. Europeans have been twice among the best four in the world and those now led by Marco Antonio Ruiz, after the victory over Korea, have already achieved four.

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