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Barcelona. More than 37 million Spanish citizens are summoned to the polls this Sunday, on an election day in which the 350 deputies of the Congress of Deputies and 208 of the Senate will be renewed. With the elections it is hoped to unlock the political paralysis of the country that began at least two years ago due to the differences between the left and right blocs.

In Catalonia there was a day of festive, peaceful mobilizations, with repeated calls to maintain popular pressure until the "liberation of political prisoners, the return of exiles and independence."

On the eve of the second general elections in less than seven months, in Catalonia it was an atypical day of reflection, with numerous symbolic acts of protest, with few people but in a festive atmosphere. In Barcelona about seven thousand people, according to the Urban Guard, went to the University Square to listen to the speeches of the separatist leaders.

The Spanish government, chaired by the socialist Pedro Sanchez, activated a powerful security device throughout the country, with a four level of security alert – the maximum is five -, with a special operation in Catalonia, for which they mobilized 12 thousand police officers to ensure there are no riots in the polling stations.

Sanchez headed from Madrid a monitoring committee of the situation in Catalonia, with which it became clear again that the main concern of the majority of Spanish political forces is the impact that the movements and potential disturbances may have on the part of the movement independentista in the final results of the elections.

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska explained that the device "will be the right one" in all the autonomous communities, although in Catalonia it was recognized that there is an exceptional situation as a result of the mobilizations to protest the Supreme Court ruling ( TS) who sentenced some of the independence leaders who carried out the failed unilateral declaration of independence of October 2017 to sentences of up to 13 years.

From the Spanish government it was also reported that of the more than 37 million voters called to the polls, more than two million 100 thousand reside abroad and said they would guarantee that they will be able to exercise their right to vote, despite the numerous problems that they are registering at Embassies and Consulates around the world, which has prevented thousands of people from votingace.

In Catalonia, the Democratic Tsunami platform organized up to 300 protest acts, mostly symbolic, with few people and of short duration – such as the closure of a secondary road for half an hour. The central act of the protest took place in Barcelona, ​​where there were up to seven thousand people who attended throughout the afternoon around the stage where there were concerts and speeches.

At the end of the night, a group of no more than 200 young people tried to break the judicial siege with which the Superior Police Headquarters was closed in which there were some tense moments, but without confrontations being recorded.

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