Stade Francais-Racing, the favorites and the marks of our journalist – Top 14


Parisians who still can not, supporters who end up giving up. A Teddy Thomas of new factor X, Mondialists finally back to restart the Racing. Find what our journalist has learned from this derby won hands-on (25-9) by the Ile-de-France club.

At the Jean Bouin stadium


Teddy Thomas hits three times
We had a little lost sight of it, between repeated injuries to Racing and disgrace in blue. Sunday, the Paris winger reminded how effective he could be. Three tries to break the Stade Francais and offer, big icing on the cake, an offensive bonus point to his team, 13e before this derby, 10e at the exit (and only 3 points from the third place occupied by the Paloise Section). On the first, Teddy Thomas puts the gas to escape two defenders after inheriting a magnificent pass after contact Virimi Vakatawa. On his second try, the winger takes speed all the Parisian rearguard to be the first to grab the ball tapped in the corner by Finn Russel of a marvel of kicking kick. The third, at the last minute and synonymous with offensive bonus, the international owes its sense of anticipation: he recovers a balloon lost by Jonathan Danty and goes flatten it in the Parisian goal. And three to concretize the domination of its partners.

The return of the Mondialists
They are finally here. The Blues and other warring parties in Japan find the Top 14 and its framas far from the mild temperatures of the Japanese archipelago. Stade Francais, Paul Gabrillagues and Gael Fickou, the Samoan pillar Paul-Alo Emile or the Argentine opener Nicolas Sanchez were supposed to revive the Parisian club. In vain. In the Sky-and-White, Laurent Travers had lined up Camille Chat, Wenceslas Lauret, Maxime Machenaud, Virimi Vakatawa and No. 10 Finn Russell. Which have been much more effective. Like the off-load acrobatic Vakatawa decisive on the first try of Teddy Thomas, or kick, equally decisive, the 10th of XV thistle for the same Teddy Thomas. A Finn Russel who perfectly applied the planned tactics – to play over foot defense – when Nicolas Sanchez suffered from the comparison.

Jean Bouin finally full
It had been a while since it had happened. Almost full stands, a little atmosphere and color in a stadium too often deserted in recent years, with a medium crowd around 8,000 spectators. For this derby of fear between the two tier neighbors, including in the Top 14 where they held the last two places before their confrontation, they were double. Before the match, between the new jersey – with the monuments of Paris – deployed on the field to finish in the stand, the return of the girls of the Moulin Rouge or the drums of the supporters, Paris had launched the match. But the dull performance of the Pink Soldiers and the success of the Racingmen has tipped the match of the stands. Lower in numbers but winners to decibels, the supporters Ciel-et-Blanc, with President Jacky Lorenzetti among them as very often, have also imposed themselves.


Stade Francais still can not do it
Heyneke Meyer, the South African manager of the Stade Francais Paris, posted a dark-day mine at the time of the mixed zone after his home defeat to Racing 92 (9-25). "First of all, we apologize to all our supporters. We wanted to make them proud but we are not good enough. Tactically, the Racing was much smarter than us and, on our side, we made too many mistakes. I must be honest, there is not much positive to remember today. To get by, we need to work even harder. "And of the work, there are plenty, the SFP posting the worst attack of the Top 14 (161 points) and the worst defense (310 points conceded in 9 matches ). The captain, Yoann Maestri, did not want to develop. But he admitted that his team "had too many gaps" to hope for better. At one-third of the regular season, time is running out.

A monument to the Pro D2
"Relegation is the motto now. Those who say something else are not aware of the reality. "Stretched features, disappointment (and anger) on edge, Yoann Maestri held after the defeat to reframe things. This season, the Stade Francais Paris must think about saving its skin. Point. Any other ambition would be illusory. The Paris club is now 7 points behind the barrage player, Agen, and 9 on 12e, Brive. The two coming matches, moving to Brive and receiving Pau, are under the sign of the last chance. No salvation if the Pink Soldiers came to bow again at home. Champion of France in 2015, the SFP has lost its beauty in just four and a half seasons …

Parisians do not even revolt
We will not advocate fighting and punches (though …), but then, frankly, what passivity! The Parisians suffered without flinching, unable to revolt, to tighten around a refusal, that to slide a little more week after week to the Pro D2. When we remember the strong characters that made the good days, or days a little more worthy, of the Parisian club, we do not find in the current team the heirs of Vincent Moscato, Serge Simon, Christophe Moni, David Auradou, Mike James, Pascal Pape and so many others. The times have certainly changed, the referees are more and more severe certainly. But to accept his sad fate without ever displaying his warlike virtues, it leaves pensive. Unless the goal is finally to get Heyneke Meyer's head. A dangerous game. Who can lead Parisians in Pro D2 …

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