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Jonathan Maicelo took advantage of his social networks to pronounce on the Telethon and questioned the control of the money that exists in the proceeds, which seeks to benefit the patients of the San Juan de Dios clinic.

Through his Twitter account, the controversial boxer said he prefers to make his donations directly with the person who needs it. “Better I am‘face to face’With the patient and family,” he wrote on the social network.

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The athlete also said that the reason he prefers to take this alternative of collaboration is because distrust in the control of money donated to the private entity.

Jonathan Maicelo.

"The Telethon Peru is not? I am not tormenting, but I prefer to donate, silver is the devil. Who controls that?" He wrote.

His publication accompanied him with a photograph of him at the emergency door of the Daniel Alcides Carrion del Callao National Hospital. With light clothes and a dark t-shirt, the boxer holds in his bad diapers and a can of nutritional supplement.

Twitter capture.

What did Jonathan Maicelo say about reality shows?

On another occasion, the 'chalaco' was interviewed by the newspaper Trome, where he referred to reality programs considering that they should be closed. "What surprises me is that girls without brains go out to tell their miseries," he said.

It is not the first time that the athlete speaks with direct words against the realities of television. On one occasion, he made it clear that he was only there as a guest. Quite the opposite of the ‘Panther’ Zegarra, who said he felt comfortable on television, as well as ensuring that he sees it as a way to earn money.

Jonathan Maicelo in "This is war."

In reference to his commentary on television, Jonathan Maicelo had starred in a strong altercation with the conductors of the “Valgame” program conducted by Janet Barboza, Kathy Sheen, among others.

Within the same television space, he had an exchange of words with David ‘La Pantera’ Zegarra through a phone call, which ended in a hot discussion.

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