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Roger Federer will relive last year's distressing situation, when he was beaten by Kei Nishikori when he reached the semifinals of the London Masters only after a lot of calculations and complications. It's back: a tense nothing, quite "inside", the Basler suffered the uninhibited assaults of Dominic Thiem (7-5 ​​7-5) and transformed the meeting of Tuesday afternoon (15 hours) against Matteo Berrettini in a last-chance match, at the best of the penultimate.

Before looking in the darkness of the O2, the Austrian led 4-2 in his confrontations with the Master, including two victories this year alone. His whole body seemed penetrated by this certainty that the past would weigh: heavy strikes in small light steps, Thiem entered the field at each opening, shamelessly, enjoying a relatively slow court where, a little to his surprise, everything at least to ours, Federer has not often managed to overflow it.

Thiem is no longer just a clay specialist: at 26, indoor tennis, even if it has never been a shame, has become more accessible, more enjoyable. Did Federer expect it? Probably. Did he feel that the evening would be difficult again after having conceded the break from the first game? This is not certain, but the impression has remained that his gestures, his movements, never reached the first stage of spontaneity: often faulty in return, sometimes unhappy in his choices, Federer has clung more than he did not let go.

He certainly dismissed a match at 6-5, he has certainly obtained two balls of debreak in the same game, but without pretending to initiate a change of trend.

Christian Despont, London

Created: 10.11.2019, 23:09

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