The Biel Seelanders return in the race


The Biel Seelanders and SHC Rossemaison will have to decide in a match of double or double. The Seelanders dominated the 7-2 Jurassiens (1-1, 1-1, 5-0) on Sunday afternoon in Act IV of the Inline Hockey League A Playoffs Final. The Belgians signed their second victory in front of their public after the one won Saturday. The score being 2-2 in the series, everything will be played next Saturday in the act V. This decisive game will be played at the Forum Biwi Rossemaison at the stroke of 17h.

Two thirds balanced … before a one-way end of the match

Confident after their success the day before, the locals made the best start by opening the score on their track by Etienne Estevez (9th 1-0). The visitors equalized in the sequence by Vincent Stemer (12th 1-1). On their way, they took the lead after mid-match by Jerôme Choffat (37th 1-2). Yann Frossard however allowed his people to go to drink the second tea on a parity score (39th 2-2). The third third was then summed up to a single rider of the Zealanders. Yann Frossard (42nd 3-2), Eric Estevez (48th 4-2), Vincent Monbaron (49th 5-2) and a double of Damien Voirol (54th 6-2, 56th 7-2) gave the score paces of correction. / ygo

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