The neighborhood of Sants (Barcelona) votes normally but in a climate of disinterest


Cafes to burst and half-empty polling stations: This would be the summary of the day of electoral repetition today in Sants, one of the neighborhoods of Barcelona with the greatest presence of the independence formations. Curious because Sants is a populous neighborhood. Also because the day of reflection predicted a tension that was never announced before.

The binomials of Mossos d’Esquadra that have been permanently installed in all schools on a preventive basis have been bored at the voting points. Those who anticipated tension have found rather an environment that rides between resignation and discouragement.

Antonio Fernandez Barcelona

The citizens seemed to have taken the democratic exercise of the polls seriously. And if the rules are to break them, this Saturday was not the best day to prove it

In the district of Sants Montjuïc ERC it passed in the last municipal of 9,000 to 18,000 votes and was not the first political force for very little. On many balconies hang independence flags and posters with slogans such as 'Lllibertat political prisoners'. But nevertheless, nothing of the triumphant climate that the Tsunami sold yesterday it was seen in the main polling stations, the Cavall Bernat and in the Cotxeres de Sants.

Joan Gimeno has been taking over BCN Comuns in Les Cotxeres for four years and explains “that there are much less people than six months ago. When we opened there were about twenty people queuing, but afterwards the day is being very, very relaxed. ”

A few meters away is the mythical 'Okupa' center of Can Vies, closed to lime and song. In these elections the CUP is presented with the best expectations. Laia Rodriguez is called "cupaire" and remembers that she "cannot compare because we did not appear at the previous general elections but there are fewer people than on other occasions."

"I voted for those of Puigdemont but the truth is that it is for consistency, because it is already seen that this is not going anywhere. They have cheated us a little"

Laia points out that maybe the cold and the rain fall in Barcelona shortly before seven in the morning has discouraged many. The voting point has opened without notable anecdotes.

The confidential

In the public school La Navata de Galapagar, the leader of United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has cast his vote at the polls this morning, one of

On leaving Cavall Bernat Nuria P., he prefers not to give his last name, he leaves to vote. Retired, hardened as if instead of in Sants he lived in Eixample, he leaves school with his yellow tie in his coat. "I voted for the Puigdemont-does not make any reference to the head of the list, Laura Borras– But the truth is that it is for consistency, because it is already seen that this is not going anywhere. I think they cheated us a little. ”

Few young people

Down the street few young people are seen and as soon as he shows up he is playing sports – amazing, cycling -, perhaps thinking that the day is long and they will vote in the afternoon. Nor do you see many ties in the chests.

In these elections there are fewer proxies. “ERC this year has only brought one, when other times were three or four,” explains Joan Gimeno. On the other hand, in all the schools visited there is no lack of a representative of Vox, despite playing away from home, as they are doing in Sants. “He's a neighborhood boy,” says Gimeno sadly. For that, apathy before the obligation and sadness against the final destination.

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