the pro-European Iohannis largely ahead in the first round according to polls


The liberal Klaus Iohannis would have largely led in the first round of the presidential election on Sunday consolidating the pro-European anchorage of Romania and should face in the second round the former Social Democratic Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, according to two polls conducted at the exit of the ballot boxes.

At the closing of the polls (19h GMT), Klaus Iohannis, outgoing president from the German minority, is credited with an estimated 39% of the votes cast and Viorica Dancila by 22.5%. "Victory, we defeated the Social Democrats60-year-old Iohannis told supporters at his campaign headquarters. "But the war is not over, we have yet to take another step in two weeksIn the second round on November 24, he added.

"JI am happy (…), we are present in the second round, I thank those who voted with their hearts"For her part," said Ms. Dancila, while her party, which dominated political life for the past 30 years, feared for the first time not to be in the second round.

The estimates do not take into account the vote of the Romanians of the diaspora, of which a record number of 650,000 voted. Very unfavorable to the Social Democrats, it is not excluded that they propel in the second round the leader of the young pro-European party USR, Dan Barna. The latter is credited with 16% of the votes, according to these polls. "We remain confident, the Romanians of the diaspora are still voting"Assured Dan Barna. After a strong mobilization in the morning, the presence at the polls gradually dried up, the participation rate amounting to nearly 48%, against 52% five years ago.

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