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Pione Sisto also entered, a major surprise, but none comparable to that of Junca by Denis Suarez, a risky coach detail, it would be said that on the verge of recklessness.

The lanes are back
With Olaza and Junca in the same initial team, the drawing on the field remained to be determined. With Oscar Garcia, given his philosophy, it was necessary to find out if the Catalan exerted extreme left. It was not so because the bet was far from 4-3-3 and Celta jumped into the field with a clear 5-3-2. Aspas and Pione forward, the three from the center of the field and the bands for Hugo Mallo and Junca. Olaza got in the middle for a line of three plants with Araujo and Aidoo. That is, a Vigo team with many changes in the initial formation and also on the pitch. A new team in four days.

Pressure and height
Another aspect that the specialists in tactics wanted to know was the pressure and the height at which the Vigo formation performed. From the first minute, Oscar Garcia Junyent players came forward to the Barcelona area to try to hinder the exit of the ball. High pressure, suffocating on the rival and risky, with many meters to cover in the center of the field. A declaration of intentions at the Camp Nou before the powerful Barcelona. And also, a bet decided by a remarkable physical deployment, with a lot of work for the laterals in the round trip and a remarkable deployment also in the center of the field, where Pape shined because, in the open field, he is a specialist. Beltran acted as a pivot and Lobotka inside on the right side, that of Hugo Mallo. When Barcelona managed to pass the first line, Celta joined the midfielders trying to cover the interior gaps.

The stopped ball and the errors
Many tactical changes, great intentions and, almost to take the opposite, the goals came to the ball, although with importance of the system. In an imbalance on the right wing, Aidoo went to the ground to cover a center and hit with the arm. Error and goal. After Pape, in good pressure on Messi, stole to drive and be knocked down in the front. Foul and goal. And then Arthur overflowed Beltran, he stopped him with infraction and now it would be Messi who sent to the bottom of the network. History repeated itself just after the break. Pape knocked down Griezmann. He executed the same.

Reaction attempt
The goal at the beginning of the second act greatly limited the reaction of Celta. And, with the minutes, the vigueses ran out of air.

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