The Royal Victoria will again serve as an emergency shelter


For the second consecutive winter, the former Royal Victoria Hospital will serve as a emergency shelter for people who are homeless in Montreal.

"There will be measures, there will certainly be beds at Royal Victoria Hospital this year as last year," said Health and Social Services Minister Danielle McCann.

The emergency shelter will open December 2, a month and a half earlier than last year.

In total, more than 1,100 beds will be made available to homeless people in Montreal, says Natalie Goulet, head of social inclusion at the City of Montreal. Other "winter help" measures, such as three shuttles and two halts, will also be put in place.

Last year, the old hospital had 80 beds in addition to the 957 emergency shelters already available.

"Last year, it was very, very positive, I think it has met needs and that's why we come back this year with this measure," added the minister.

"This is the time when we have the most incidents for example and where people will consume the most" says a supervisor of the Old Brewery Mission, Akram Aloulou.

Fully aware of the return of the cold season, volunteers even enjoy this afternoon to distribute clothing and accessories for the winter.

"It can happen to anyone to be in a situation like this," says one of the TVA News' camera volunteers.

"We really have a problem of resources and funding to ensure that we can provide long-term residential stability for homeless," said the director general of Accueil Bonneau, Frederic Auger.

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