The singular conflict that deforms Barcelona


The misleading ranking position in The league and the Champions does not hide the symptoms of soccer decline Barcelona. He has forgotten the game, his reliability with the ball is blurred and uncoordinated too easily in the defensive response. The epidemic of misgovernment affects him.

The lost relationship The involution of Barcelona begins in the possession phase. The departure from behind is very revealing. Before rivals that establish a medium-high pressure block, it does not manage the first passes to sustain its progression. Pique Y Lenglet they don't divide and look for Busquets and the interiors, which receive backs with limited turning capacity. Valverde has tried in some meetings as before the Slavia bring together two midfielders to fine tune the creation, but the measure falls short. The trend urges Barcelona and makes it take wrong resolutions. Pique's commitment against him I raised going out with long shipments – nine passes – only increased confusion on a team where Messi or Griezmann Balls are not going down from the air. Closer is the Slavia precedent and that creative system of Trpisovsky of 1-6-1-2-1 that he was indigestible when the spaces were compressed.

Lack of fluency It does not finish reaching Barcelona in positional attacks. Only Messi's alliance and Jordi Alba It seems the only safe move in your plan. The touches of Valverde, aimed at gaining depth and height, work halfway. The interiors –From Jong Y Arthur normally – they are sandwiched behind the back of rival media, but a point of liveliness is missing. Vidal He even acts as a false forward to stretch the team and offer an arrival pattern. Inside Barca is not found, despite Messi. It already attacks more by the bands than by the central lane: 26 actions on the right, 22 in the middle and 27 on the left. Valverde wants to open the field, hence the very debatable position of Griezmann. The first part against Levante focused its location somewhat and saw Semedo appear above

The data The difficulties in the elaboration generate a propensity to verticalize the game that comes already from the time of Luis Enrique, although it has become more acute with Valverde. Its share of ownership is around 63% in the last three years, when it did not fall from 65% since 2008 and reached figures of more than 70%. The lack of control of the ball stresses its structure.

The disconnection Valverde does not give up high blood pressure as a protective method. Wait for a quick activation after loss to force the error of others. However, Barcelona does not show itself as a firm collective. He Inter He pointed out his lack of clustering by attracting the media and sides, which did not have the support of the centrals. The passivity of Messi and the decay of Luis Suarez in the repetition of efforts they pierce the Barca shield even more. Busquets and the interiors jump and behind there is a void that previously fixed Rakitic Barca does not recover continuously – five and seven robberies less than in the previous courses, respectively – and is exposed in the retreat with Pique and Lenglet very alone. Rivals can advance in transition with advantage. Slavia made 37 counterattacks between the two games and Levante, 18. The distance between the lines can also be seen in more positional moves. Jong and Arthur go out to squeeze and the centrals or Busquets do not support them. The goal of Foreman It was very significant in this regard. The cule reset happens to return to the strategy that differentiated him. Barcelona must repair the game.

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