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A very long standing-ovation to pay tribute to the exceptional result collected by Mathias Reynard during the second of the election to the Council to the States and another round of applause to welcome the re-election of President Barbara Lanthemann for a new term of two years : The Socialist Party of Valais romand has offered an ordinary euphoric congress this Saturday in Bovernier. "Mathias Reynard is elected councilor to the states … in Valais romand", has also launched a president who preferred to castigate UDC and PDC rather than "to hit the Upper Valais".

Presented as the winner of the last federal election, Mathias Reynard also warned against a possible break with the German-speaking part of the canton. "No need to whine, to play bad losers". The champion of the left, on the contrary, called on the party to show "dignity, humility and respect" to continue this good momentum.

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Two weeks after a second round of advice to the States who played a little, Mathias Reynard wants to retain only the positive. Like these 47,032 plebiscites, such as this progression of the Valais left forces to the national council. With their spearhead, the Socialists of Valais Romand said they want to continue to promote "a Valais that does not feel mothballs, far from the politics of friends."

Parity on the lists

No question, therefore, of letting the puff of the Federal back down. "The mobilization continues, starting with the next communal". And to continue this momentum, the SP Valais Romand to bet a little more on the youth – widely represented among the 150 comrades rushed to Bovernier – by offering a seat on the steering committee to a representative of the Jeunesses socialistes du Valais romand.

The PS also accepted an amendment to ensure "gender parity representation including in the delegations on the electoral lists." Before appointing a new vice president. It was by acclamation that Caroline Monnet was acclaimed to replace Katia Chevrier (resigned). She joins the board of directors Barbara Lanthemann and vice-president Blaise Carron, both re-elected for another two years.

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