The unusual price Newell's will charge River fans


The Millionaire will visit the Colossus of Rosario on November 30 and may attend his audience, but the tickets will have an amount never seen in Super League.

Newell's reported minutes ago that River may bring visiting fans to Rosario when they visit the Colossus Marcelo Bielsa on Saturday, November 30 by date 15 of the Super League. What left the fans very surprised is the value that the popular ones will have: 3,500 more service charges for the page that sells them.

The leadership of the Rosario club confirmed how the sale of locations for the duel will be before the team of Marcelo Gallardo, which could reach date 15 as two-time champion of the Copa Libertadores. Fans who want to attend they are going to have to break the pig since the tickets will cost 3,850 pesos (3,500 of the entry plus 350 service charges). Those who want to acquire their locations must enter the site where the sale is already enabled.

Attention, because in addition sources close to the club ensure that the prices of the popular could increase based on their demand. Newell's expects to sell a total of 6 thousand tickets, which at the base price of 3,500 pesos would mean just over 21 million pesos.

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