The young people who fought to take the Murillo square went to take care of it after the police retreat –


The young people who with white and yellow helmets and the national tricolor tied around the neck faced all week with social sectors of the MAS with the aim of entering the Murillo square, after the withdrawal of the Police that left the center of power unguarded They decided to stop, put cords, and take care of it.

Only a small group of leaders of the National Association of NCOs, Sergeants, Classes and Police (Ansclapol) neglected the vigilance of the neighbors and toured the four corners of the square, singing the opposing chants. Girls, with yellow helmets, were very nervous and rushed to ask them not to. "Please, don't sing, people will get on us."

In 2003, a UTOP mutiny generated the departure of the military guard of the Burned Palace and triggered a confrontation with shots between police and military, which left at least 34 dead, civilians and uniformed.

Yesterday, the same Burned Palace that from this management was relegated by the imposing building of the Casa Grande del Pueblo, in addition to the Legislative were absolutely unguarded.

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Faced with this situation, the mobilized opponents had in their hands to enter the perimeter and even the infrastructures, which did not have police security personnel, although the military in the case of the Casa Grande and the Burned Palace, but no cash even showed the head through a window or balcony.

The young people, very organized, were distributed in the surroundings, exactly where the police set up their barricades to prevent the marches from reaching the center of power, and voluntarily took the role of the troops.

They did not allow people to enter, even with credentials. The highest concentration of people was at the intersections of Camacho Avenue (coincidentally the last name of the civic leader from Santa Cruz), with Ayacucho and Colon. The atmosphere was festive, the merchants, always attentive to the law of supply and demand, sold flags of Bolivia, firecrackers, and also helmets precisely of two colors: yellow and white.

Yesterday morning a group of citizens found a large number of 'molotov bombs' in an enclosure that allegedly belongs to the Vice Ministry of Decolonization, which depends on Cultures, said the lawyer and former candidate for the Vice Presidency for the Christian Democratic Party (PDC), Paola Barriga

"They were already finished, it was just lighting and launching, there are several, you have to take a picture of the license plates because they are official vehicles," said the lawyer.

The space is located on Colon Street in the city of La Paz. A fuel-filled turril was found, more than 50 bottles with the flammable material and four people would have fled during the intervention.


Opposition groups evicted the workers of the Patria Nueva radio and the Bolivia TV channel, both state media, after installing a fence to their facilities and threatening personnel with putting their lives at risk if they did not close their broadcasts.

At noon, opposition shock groups that demand the resignation of President Evo Morales, bet around the La Urbana building, located on Camacho Avenue, and demanded that these two media stop transmitting news.

Some time later they radicalized and no longer allowed entry or exit of people. A person from New Homeland received a phone call that alerted him that if they refused to cut with those transmissions, they will take the facilities.

Then came a mission from the Ombudsman to mediate the issue. As a result, the workers were able to leave, Bolivia TV broadcast documentaries and prerecorded programs, and Patria Nueva radio, music.

President Morales regretted it on his Twitter account: “The state media BTV and RPN have been intervened by organized groups that after threatening and intimidating journalists forced them to abandon their sources of work. They say they defend democracy, but they act as in dictatorship. ”

Press organizations, and some politicians such as opposition senator Arturo Murillo, also regretted it and said it was an attack on freedom of expression.

In Miraflores, the headquarters of the Single Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (Csutcb) were intervened by neighbors. The confrontation in the place originated because after a press conference, leaders took out boxes and computers.

The neighbors reacted and the leaders responded with dynamites and ended up with detainees.

The Federation of Neighborhood Boards (Fejuve) of the city of El Alto and the Csutcb issued statements read through their leaders, in which they grant 48 hours to the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Luis Fernando Camacho to leave La Paz . La Fejuve also decided to expel the president of the Potosinist Civic Committee, Marco Pumari, and the rector of the UMSA, Waldo Albarracin, and called on the Police to return to their tasks of protection and if they do not do so they will take the “police union".

The leader of the Fejuve altena, lamented the mutiny of the Police and at that time his voice broke, took a breath, and later said that if "the brothers" do not return to work, "we will take to the streets our union police to take care of citizen security ”, an announcement that was answered by the audience with a standing ovation.

In the decision, read by the executive Basilio Villasante, in which peace is called, the organization related to the ruling party also summoned “blunt” blockades and mobilization when entering the seat of Government.

At night, the leaders went out in mobilization in the Ceja de El Alto. Meanwhile, the pronouncement of the Csutcb specifically referred to Camacho, warning him that if he does not leave the seat of Government, "he will be responsible for what happens."

Both communiques, issued at press conferences broadcast on state television before their broadcast is suspended, met after President Evo Morales summoned the social sectors to defend the victory of the MAS in the elections, "and democracy" , peacefully".

THE DUTY / Luis Marcelo Tedesqui Vargas

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