They don't let him into a famous nightclub in Barcelona for being black


Social networks have been filled with supportive comments and frustration before the video complaint of Erik, a 21-year-old boy who couldn't get into a disco because of his skin color.

The events happened on November 2, in the Waka nightclub of Sant Quirze del Valles (Barcelona). The boy He was wearing the ID and the clothes appropriate to the club code, but they didn't let it pass.

This was what happened to me last night, in the aforementioned disco. (I can't tag them, because they've blocked me). The problem is not found, what tea do you leave the establishment, is in the manner of whoever does it. I find it degrading, that we know by heart the discos, where we can enter and in what we don't. Regardless of how you dress. It seems that it doesn't matter if you decide to fix yourself or not, because you don't enter if they don't want to. It seems to me a racist act, fear the named and fear as every week its most foreign people or a certain skin color, who feel offended by this disco. Many will tell me, but if they have the right of admission, maybe yes and maybe not. In his flyer, he does not put that they have it and at the door of the establishment either, much less can they throw you out without explaining his regime within this policy pattern fear pattern. (In the end and the quepo is always excused, laso bambas. When they all go to themselves or the hair, when it grows like this from birth). I can only thank the support of all those who have written to me and helped in the matter. Thank you!

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Report on the networks

The boy recorded a video the same night at the gates of the disco, after security personnel did not let it pass. He posted the complaint on his networks, and thousands of users have commented and echoed. Clip already accumulates more than 300,000 views on all platforms.

They gave him the excuse that he was wearing "inappropriate" shoes (they were white sneakers), but the boy keeps, and shows in the clip, that the rest of the boys who were going like him were entering.

It has not been the only

This is the second time this has happened. But this boy has not been the only victim of most unfortunate racism of this place of leisure: Waka accumulates a history of similar cases, with half a dozen complaints.

In addition, two security officers were denounced after August 6 brutally beat two guys trying to sneak into the disco. According to one of them, they were thrown out for racist reasons.

The police have not done anything

According to Erik's testimony, the decision not to let it pass is based on your skin color. "Many white-skinned people have passed by, I was among them, and they have decided to 'suck me'. I am 21 years old, I have my ID, I am well dressed and it seems like a racist act," says the young man.

In addition the boy assures that the police officers to whom he went to explain what had happened to him they told him they couldn't help him: "Because they haven't told me they cast me to be black," he explains to the video.

Denunciation of the Generalitat

The Generalitat wants to denounce and take the case of the Waka nightclub to the Prosecutor's Office. According to the Minister of Social Affairs, Chakir el Homrani, his legal team "will study what measurements can be done in this situation and will inform the Prosecutor's Office against hate crimes".

For his part, Erik says that "every week there are more foreign people or a certain skin color the ones that feel offended with this disco".

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