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On the fringes of the green federal executive board, green insiders were the first to find out "semi-officially" how the future turquoise-green government should look – at least from the point of view of the Greens.

It seems to be largely fixed what AUSTRIA has already reported: The Greens receive two mega-resorts – Environment and Social Affairs.

At the request of Werner Kogler, the Ministry of the Environment is to be made "capable of action" by adding an economic department. Since the OVP wants to keep the Ministry of Economics, the Greens will receive a mega-ministry of environment, transport, infrastructure and research. Say: The future Minister of the Environment will simultaneously become ruler of OBB, Asfinag, airport, all infrastructure measures (such as motorway expansion and toll). For many OVP grandees, this is a horror vision: Could the Greens so stop about the 3rd runway at the airport or any highway expansion.

Also the social ministry together with the health department should become green. In the future, the Greens would decide on all social measures from pensions, working hours, social insurance to hospitals. Also a horror vision not only for OVP-grandees, but also for all trade unionists.

How many ministries give the Greens to these mega-resorts becomes bargaining poker:

  • The education ministry would like the Greens the most – but does not want to give them the OVP.

  • The Ministry of Defense would like to "give them" the OVP in view of the many unresolved problems (including Van der Bellens darling Starlinger as Minister) – the Greens definitely do not want that.

  • The Greens also dream of the Foreign Ministry – would like to occupy it with the Van der Bellen-Darling Lothar Lockl – as a concession to the Federal President.

  • The vice chancellor's ministry for Werner Kogler still receive the Greens as a bonus – and sports and civil servants should – on Kogler's request – be fattened up with culture.

There will be two more green state secretaries: one for finance and one for integration.

There are still many question marks at the OVP

This would allow the future government to look like this:

  • Vice Chancellor (with Ministry of Culture) becomes Werner Kogler.

  • Minister of the Environment with a powerful transport and infrastructure department is likely to become Leonore Gewessler.

  • Minister of Health and Social Affairs (a mega-department) should become a government-experienced greens: Wish candidate would be Birgit Hebein (but needed in Vienna). Alternative is Astrid ROssler or Upper Austria's political pro Rudi Anschober.

  • Green Foreign Minister could become Van der Bellen favorite Lothar Lockl.

On the OVP side, there could be several sensations: Green insiders reveal that in the "exploratory talks" there would have been "several indications" that Gernot Blumel will become the new Minister of Finance. On the other hand speaks against the clear statement of OVP boss short that Hartwig LOger remains as before Minister of Finance – as Blumel but in the new government, his two main agendas culture (to Kogler) and media (wishes to short itself) could lose, but Blumel in As the OVP becomes more and more important, the change seems logical.

Gernot Blumel

Gernot Blumel new Minister of Finance?

Likewise, green insiders have "heard" that Elisabeth KOstinger could retire to the private and to Carinthia, because a Ministry of Agriculture without environment makes her little joy.

The OVP team in government is therefore even more question mark than the green. Fix are only:

Margarete SchrambOck as Minister of Economic Affairs, Juliane Bogner-Straub as Family Minister and Gernot Blumel – either as Chancellor or Minister of Finance.

wolak_Bogner Strauss 03.jpg
© Wolak

Juliane Bogner-Straub is considered a fixed starter.

It is unclear who will become new interior minister for the OVP (allegedly the Upper Austrian Andreas Pilsl), who new Minister of Education (Heinz Fassmann no longer wants), who new Minister of Agriculture (if KOstinger should go), who should become Defense and who Minister of Justice.

Sebastian Kurz keeps completely covered and from the OVP penetrates (for now) no sound.

Wolfgang Fellner

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