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The VAR intervened three times on the twelfth day of LaLiga Santander. In Mestalla He annulled a goal to Gameiro out of the previous offside of Maxi Gomez. In Wanda Metropolitano he acted twice. First he annulled a goal to Atletico for offside and Gil Manzano went to review a possible penalty on Costa, but maintained his decision not to point it out.

Interventions that have changed the sign of a match

Leganes 0- Osasuna 1 (Without VAR, 1-1)

Alberola Rojas went to the monitor to review Braithwaite's goal, which ended up being canceled because Rosales had a hand. Without the VAR, the Leganes would have added a point.

Levante 2- Villarreal 1 (1-1)

A penalty had to be repeated, which had also been pointed out by the VAR, because Andres Fernandez came forward when Morales went to throw the maximum penalty. Roger scored a goal in the replay.

Villarreal 2- Real Madrid 2 (1-2)

Gerard Moreno's goal was canceled out of play, but from the VAR they said it was legal and went up to the scoreboard.

Betis 1 – Eibar 1 (0-1)

The lineman annulled the goal to Loren out of play, but the VAR ruled that he was online.

Celtic 1 – Athletic 0 (0-0)

Celta's only goal had been voided for offside, but the VAR granted both Aspas as he considered that there was no antiregulatory position.

Atletico 1 – Valencia 1 (0-1)

The VAR awarded a penalty to Atletico for a Cheryshev hand within the area. Diego Costa transformed the maximum penalty and gave a point to the rojiblanco team.

Sevilla 1 – Atletico 1 (1-2)

The VAR annulled a goal to Diego Costa for Correa's previous offside.

Real Madrid 0 – Betis 0 (1-0)

Madrid left his locker in wax after the VAR annulled a goal to Hazard for being in an illegal position.

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