This is what the participants say about Abraham's attack on Freiburg coach Streich


An image that will be remembered: prank lies on the grass. Picture: dpa

This is what the participants say after Abraham's attack on Freiburg coach Streich

The SC Freiburg occupied after the 11th round a Champions League place. But that gives after the 1-0 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday evening to talk less than what had happened in injury time. Frankfurt defender David Abraham ran Freiburg coach Christian Streich over the pile. It came to pack formation, Abraham and Freiburg's already replaced Vincenzo Grifo saw red.

The big excitement in Freiburg. Video: streamable

"He just ran around, my God," said Christian Streich in the ARD interview. For him, the topic is already ticked off. "I have many bad traits, but I have one that is not bad: I'm not particularly resentful."

The reproach that he had provoked Abraham with his behavior, rejected Streich. "I'm not responsible for making the game fast for Frankfurt," he said, saying he had not stopped the ball.

«Afterwards peace is finished»

He described Abraham as a "young buffalo" and said, "He's a very emotional guy and that's where his backups went." Streich did not want to fuel the issue any further. "We are footballers, we are all emotional. Here in the square it's off and afterwards peace is ready. "

An opinion shared on the Frankfurt side. The Eintracht published a photo showing the fighting man Abraham and Grifo in the handshake in the cabin. It was spoken, the club announces.

Sorry of Abraham

Abraham said he wanted to bring the ball back into play as quickly as possible in the final minute of injury time. "I should have dodged. I'm very glad we talked after the game and everything is fine between us », let the former defender of FC Basel announced.

The 33-year-old Argentines should not be around a lock that may be long, get around. Christian Streich, however, is no longer angry with him: "He has apologized and the matter is done."

Even before David Abraham, a Frankfurter had flown from the square. Long-time Swiss international Gelson Fernandes saw the yellow-red card shortly before the half-time whistle. "We have outnumbered everything in the pan and deserved a point," said Eintracht coach Adi Hutter. Regarding the emotions at the end of the game, the YB-Mastermaker said: "Football also lives from emotions. Also with the coaches it belongs to it. »(Ram)

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