'Tino' Asprilla celebrates its 50th anniversary with a luxurious party


Tino Asprilla celebrated with his family and friends his birthday number fifty. The party that former player of the Colombian National Team organized was attended by great Colombian soccer players such as 'Pibe' Valderrama, Freddy Rincon, Victor Aristizabal, Alexis Garcia, ‘Chonto’ Herrera, Harold Lozano, Giovanni Hernandez.

According to the large number of publications made by those present and some others were followers of the 'Tino' in social networks, the party was an event, where those present sang to the idol of the Colombian National Team 'May God Bless You ', by Peter Manjarres and Sergio Luis Rodriguez.

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The surprise of the night was given by a close friend of his family, who prepared Asprilla a curious cake where the player appears dressed in his uniform Colombia selection and its characteristic number eleven.

In another video, Asprilla is seen performing a dance between laughs and jokes with his friend Victor Hugo Aristizabal, which was recorded by another of the former players of the selection.

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On the other hand, in another of the recordings you could see the 'Tino ' animated while telling funny anecdotes of his glory years in football. At that moment Aristizabal He took the opportunity to tease him and announce the gifts they had brought for him, including one to "improve his performance:

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